Getting Dirty WithThe Soap

By | August 2, 2010

Soapy Red HeadI don’t watch television soaps, haven’t for years now.  My time is now precious and the television program has to be worthy for me to give up my time.  Lol  Listen to me getting all up myself.

No, seriously I do limit myself to what I watch because quite often business has to be continued in to the evening or there may be a copy deadline for something I’m writing.  I’m probably down to 1 program per evening now, which typically would include things like Dragon’s Den and The Victorian Pharmacy which are brilliant programmes.

But I wish I still watched Emmerdale Farm on ITV just for the one moment when the notice board appeared in shot behind Shadrach (who?) in the Dingles kitchen.  Check out what was listed and the full story here it had me in stitches.  🙂