Lesbians Only

By | February 22, 2008

Dawn Porter is a journalist/presenter who fronts a series on BBC 3. I first noticed the programme last week when it popped up on the BBC’s iPlayer site as “Dawn Goes Naked”. I didn’t watch it as I’ve seen too many TV programs whose premise is to titillate and not inform. Cynical maybe but faced with the restrictions in place in the UK regarding what can be broadcast even after the watershed and TV’s apparent reluctance to tackle any real issues at the moment I’m not going to waste and hour of my life staring at the TV when I could be working on the sites, or writing, or being naughty with Suze.

This week’s programme caught my eye because of this write-up on iPlayer:

“Dawn Goes Lesbian

Journalist Dawn Porter investigates the world of lesbianism. Setting herself strict rules, she immerses herself in a world of women only.”

I think I’m going to have to watch the programme. Not because I want some softcore lesbian titillation but because I’m concerned by the use of the phrase “strict rules”. It got my hackles up a bit. I’m hoping that it describes journalistic zeal and thoroughness, and isn’t reinforcing the often-held perception that sexuality and gender preference is rule-based and not a very personal blending of genetic disposition and the society in which we grow up.

The thought of ticking the boxes to decide on your sexuality is repugnant to me. So I’m reserving judgement and will have to download the programme to allow me to make an informed comment on it.

Anybody out there seen it yet?

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