First Anal

By | August 3, 2010

AssI checked the bedside draw one last time and trotted downstairs.

“I’m off.” I said to mum and dad, both busying themselves with getting ready for their Friday night out.

“OK see you later son.” Came my father’s baritone reply.

As I was pulling on my trainers I heard my mother say, “Well, I still think it’s odd him spending all that time at the club but I suppose it’s better than him drinking …”

I closed the door, smiling.


The computer club was in full swing. I remember it well. Lot’s of spotty teenagers, me included hunched over computers that are less powerful than today’s simplest MP3 player writing software, building hardware and playing games. I still went because I was asked to give talks from time to time though I was becoming acutely conscious that I was the most senior of those gathering there.

I kept coming for Stevie.

When Stevie walked in something changed, the whole room metaphorically turned to look, though as introverted geeky teens hardly anyone did to avoid the crushing embarrassment his would have caused. Because Stevie was a girl, tom-boyish but most definitely a girl. She was older than many of the others but younger than me by a year being eighteen.

For weeks we’d been talking about my robotics project and she had been showing increasing interest in it.

“So, are you coming over afterwards to take a look at it?” I asked her. My enquiry accompanied by the tinny beep of a dozen ZX Spectrums and a lone BBC micro showing off with its three channel sound chip.

“Yeah, sure” she said, cocking her head to one side. She looked like an escapee from a Bananarama poster, stripy jumper under dungarees, boots and wild hair.


She walked home beside me with her hands in her dungaree pockets and much to my surprise started to talk about pop music. I obliged and although I found our tastes overlapped we had some serious issues over the merits of the Stranglers.

Inside the kitchen I poured us a drink of orange juice and we went upstairs to my room. She toyed with one of the circuit boards and made a few refreshingly intelligent comments which set her apart from other girls who on seeing my projects would immediately enter bimbo mode and turn me off them for good. She sat on the bed and then asked, “What’s this.”

I sat next to her and was about to tell her it was a four channel opt-isolator when she pushed me onto the bed and lay on top of me.

I tried to act surprised and succeeded. When she kissed me I tensed up, making her giggle. “Oh good she said, are you a virgin?”

“Yes.” Was the reply I gave her.

She began to pull at my clothes so I began to undress. She sat back up and did the same, dungarees and stripy jumper piled with my jeans on the floor. Her white cotton briefs and smooth cotton bra followed them and were topped off by my boxer shorts. I lay back with an erection as hard as steel like flag pole on my stomach.

I could see her nipples were hard and wanted to suck at them but she needed to be wooed by her virgin. We slid along the bed together and kissed with little sophistication and a lot of saliva for a while. I felt my thigh become wet from her pussy when her legs wrapped around mine and she ground into me. I returned the favour by covering her belly with precum.

When I did slide down to lick at her boobs it served to let me press the tip of my cock into her bushy pubic hair causing her to grind against me even more. Her legs parted and I fought the instinct to slip between them and penetrate her. Eventually when my licks had turned to hard, painfully sucks on her stiff pink nipples her insistent gyrations told me she would not wait forever and I pushed the tip of my cock towards her opening. Her hand guided, almost pulled me towards her pussy.

I slid inside and gave her a look that comprised of surprise, joy and ecstasy in equal measure. She laughed “I love you computer club virgins.” She said, rolling onto her back and feeling the full length of me inside her. Then her eyes widened as I pushed deeper inside her, “And you do have a lot of RAM!”

I began to rock my hips, slowly at first applying a little virginal tentativeness but soon longer and firmer strokes which solicited the reaction “You are a natural!”. Soon her small talk disappeared and she slipped into a dreamy trance as her enjoyment of my cock overtook her. I watched her underneath me with her perky tits bouncing and wild hair even wilder on my pillow. I wondered how many other geeks she had done this with, nobody talked about it, she obviously used their inherent reticence to keep them from telling their mates, but I’d seen her work her way around the 16 and 17 year olds in the club for the past six months singling one out then making a special effort to get friendly with them.

So, she had a thing for geeks, virgin geeks it would appear. Well I had a thing for girls in dungarees …

Then I noticed she was cumming. “Oh, oh, oh, yes you’re good, oh, yes … fuuuccckkk!”. I knew my sheets would be soaked from the wetness I felt on her thighs.

“Wow.” She exclaimed, “Are you sure you were a virgin?”

“Well.” I said truthfully, “Half a virgin.”

She screwed up her face “What?”

“I’ve never done this before … “ I withdrew my glistening cock from her pussy and rolled her over onto her front eliciting a tiny shriek.

Part 2

“What are you doing?” She asked, a little alarmed.

“Relax …” I began to rub her back and slowly after several minutes of massaging she became limp and lay motionless. I reached into my bedside drawer and pulled out the tube of lube.

I squirted a little on my finger and slid it between her ass cheeks. “What are you doing now?” she asked. “Ahhhhh!”

I rubbed my index finger around her tight opening and watched her initial tension give way to an acceptance of the sensory delights to be found in ass play. Moment by moment her sphincters relaxed and I probed a little deeper inside her ass. My fingertip slipped inside and was held by her muscular ring. The penetration made her clench, grabbing my finger immobilising it fo a while until she relaxed again, squirming and moaning while my finger gyrated.

I squirted some more lube around her asshole and worked my finger in and out to carry the lubricant inside. Her ass became a smooth, shiny, glistening hole into which I was soon sliding two fingers easily. When I stopped she let out a disappointed cry and relaxed onto the bed, her wriggling subsiding.

I cupped my left hand and squirted lube into the palm before rubbing it up and down the shaft of my penis. I positioned myself behind her and pressed my swollen head on her tight hole.

“Yessss” She implored, so I pushed myself inside.

Slowly the pressure built until my head pushed her ass wide enough to enter. Her breathing became shallow and the intense tightness around my cock meant that every millimetre of penetration was felt in exquisite detail by us both. I stopped when my cock was about five centimetres deep and withdrew slightly before pressing forward again, with each extra few millimetres I would withdraw and push back inside again.

The head of my cock was tingling, sensations heightened by the new experience and little deception I had used to entice her. I wanted to thrust hard into her as I had into her pussy but resisted such reckless thoughts. I managed to sink about two thirds of my length inside her ass before her whimpers turned from whorish pleasure to sounds of slight discomfort and concern.

I leant forward and whispered in her ear. “I’m going to cum in your arse.”

“Ppplease … be … gentle.” She implored.

There was no need to ask. I could see she was on a knife edge between intense pleasure and the burning sensation she felt where my cock stretched her newly violated hole. I gently pushed in and out of her wanting to cum, but first wanting to enjoy this new sensation for myself. My pounding heart told me that my orgasm was out of my control and I let myself go. I was still, the only movement the muscular pumping of fluid through the shaft of my cock and the shuddering of my body. She felt it and involuntarily clenched again.

When my orgasm had faded away I carefully withdrew and lay next to her.

“You lied, you weren’t a virgin.” She said with a smile.

“It’s the first time I’ve fucked someone up the ass.”

“First time for me too.” She whispered. “How did you know I liked virgins?”

“I’m a good judge of character. And now?“

“Oh.” She said “I’m seeing the benefits of experience.”

We pulled the sheets over us and spooned until we drifted off to sleep.


We woke later to the sound of my parents arriving home and our stomachs filled with icy panic …