I’m Now A Page 3 Girl

By | February 23, 2008

AlexSuze.com, SuzeHave you ever wanted to see how you would look if you were to appear in a tabloid newspaper?

Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a computer generated image?

I remember as a teenager learning to touch type, all those laborious exercises designed to help you utilise the correct digit for the character. Endless days of typing up menus and letters. I do…

After all our hard work we were given some “play” time when we would be handed a sheet of co-ordinates and letters to type in to the typewriter. If you followed the instructions correctly at the end of it all you would have an A4 image of a train or something equally attractive. Lol

Well, I have discovered something even better than that. This site Photo2text.com enables you to take a photograph and convert it in to text. I could have spent all day doing this but here is one I made earlier. Have fun!

 AlexSuze.com, Suze

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