Join In The Blogger Orgy

By | February 23, 2008

ABH ToplistSome of you may be aware that Alex and I took over the running of Adult Blog Hub recently. This site has helped to promote bloggers for over a year now and has indeed provided us with lots of traffic during the time we have been part of the blogger collective.

There are two aspects to the site, the first being the post listings where you can add your post to the listing and be seen be lots of discerning readers. We are currently working on improving the service and setting up RSS feed reader, so you won’t even have to lift a finger to post. How good is that!

The second side is the Adult Blog Hub Toplist, this works much like Cunning Linguists which you may be registered on already. You are voted for by your readers and climb up the list as they vote for you. The Toplist has just reset (as it does every Saturday) and provides hundreds of visitors to the blogs on it every week.

I urge you all to join if you haven’t already, this is a really useful aggregator and a good place to meet new bloggers. Over the months I have discovered many interesting and talented people over there.

Click here to visit and don’t forget to register yourselves for both and just watch your traffic increase. 😉