Rampant Doggy Style Sex

By | August 5, 2010

During a job interview I was once asked, “If you were a dog, what sort of dog would you be?”. I replied that I’d be a wolf as they typify to me independence and strength yet have a pack instinct that supports all the members of their community and extended family. I found later I’d already got the position and that question was thrown in for a bit of fun, but it’s an interesting one.

Sex brings out the animal in most of us. Releasing your beast is one of the things that makes sex so enjoyable. We live in a so called civilised society where in every day life animal-like behaviour is frowned upon. For the most part that’s a good thing but sex allows you to release the pent up animal urges that need to be expressed.

Last night was one of those nights for me. I was relaxed, and horny. We were screwing and ended up with Suze laying on her side with me astride one of her legs, holding the ankle of the other. My other hand grasped her shoulder. Suze was her appreciative self and I took huge pleasure in soliciting a stream of orgasmic moans from her.

When I came I roared and howled. When I do this I’m only just conscious of it at the time, it emanates from deep within me and low in my throat. It’s a guttural, animal, sub-vocal sound that carries all the triumphal lust I feel at the point of climax and only accompanied the best of orgasms. The orgasm went on for perhaps a minute, blinding aftershocks making me arch my back in paroxysms of pleasure.

I don’t know what animal I was last night, but there was some wolf in there somewhere.

Anybody else out there care to share the animal inside?