Girls, Girls, Any Girls

By | August 6, 2010

Pulling HairI’ve just finished reading an article on how long men apparently spend ogling women. According to the “research” it’s 45 minutes, which equates to one year of your life.

Not a bad way to spend a year even for an enthusiast in the study of the female form such as myself that seems an awful lot. I mean how on earth would you get anything done?

I can imagine spending a few minutes each day being distracted, but to spend 45 minutes each day eying-up the ladies you would surely have to hang around outside the doors of popular night clubs and bars. And then it would get a bit dangerous – the bouncers and police might have a few questions to ask.

Maybe I’m wrong. Either I look at women more than I think or I don’t have the roving eye I think I do.

There was no mention of women in the research, well apart from being looked at. Women look at men, sizing them up, assessing their potential as lovers … I wonder what the figures are for today’s independent, go-getting emancipated woman?

Do women look at guys differently now. Women can be more overtly sexual and open about their needs and desires than they used to be. Does that mean they allow themselves to “window shop” more than before?