Morning Blow Job

By | August 6, 2010

HotI woke to find myself sporting wood. The usual state of affairs and one that all men are familiar with. I stared up at the ceiling and realised the slightly grubby Artex and dusty lamp shade did not belong to my bedroom.

I felt a movement under the covers, a hand taking my cock and exploring the length of the rigid flesh. I looked to my right to see the top of a brown head of hair slipping under the covers. I felt my foreskin pulled back and a tongue lick my glans.

The hand grasping my member and stroked it up and down immediately made me contort my back with pleasure. This was an unexpected wakeup call but not unwelcome for that. The other hand grasped my balls and rolled them around.

Next the mouth enveloped the tip of my cock. The hand pumping my shaft having to make shorter strokes now, the tongue circling my glans and probing inside the tip more than making up for this.

My heart was racing and my balls were getting tight. I felt myself being taken deep into the warm wet cavern of an expert mouth until I felt my cock pressing into the tightness of her throat. She gurgles and gagged but kept trying to force my cock deeper and deeper.

The enthusiasm of her blowjob and intensity of sensation were electrifying. My temperature rose and I threw back the covers to see the naked form of my girlfriend, hair forward over her face, sucking my erection for all she was worth.

I felt myself cumming, a deep, powerful orgasm that made me throw my head back and roll my eyes. Cum pumped out of my groin, filling her mouth until I felt her release me, the last spasms or ejaculation throwing my hot, white seed into the air.

When I looked down I could see her smiling face, a blob of white viscous semen hanging from her top lip. She leant forward, her tongue extending licking a streak of cum from my belly before sliding up against me. I could feel the sticky fluid on my belly pressed against hers, then tasted myself on her tongue as she thrust it into my mouth.

Nice way to start a holiday, I thought.