Sex And Chocolate

By | February 24, 2008

I personally am not a lover of chocolate, it seems as I have grown older I desire it less and less. But offer me a good cheese and some biscuits and I will be there like a shot.

It’s easy to understand how people can become addicted to the rich brown, velvety texture of chocolate. Not just for the taste but also because it releases endorphins deep within the brain which create a sense of well being and pleasure, some say a sexual high. 😉

If you ask me which I prefer, sex or chocolate the answer just has to be SEX!

Alex and I have played with chocolate in the past, one such memorable tryst was with a Mars bar. I think we had just read up about Marianne Faithful and how she “used” one with Mick Jagger.

We took the bar to the bedroom and after a little warm up Alex inserted the bar inside my pussy and started to eat it. I must say that the thought of him eating it out of me was more exciting than the act.

He ended up looking like Alan Partridge in the bedroom scene with the chocolate mouse and the sheets were no longer white. Lol Alex did manage to eat it all but it made a real mess, we had to strip the bed and wash the linen and shower to clean up.

And long after the event I was slowly dripping chocolate in to the gusset of my pants. Lol All the following day at work I had a chocolate fanny and my gusset had a nice chocolaty aroma.

What reminded me of all this was this festival…happy memories. 😉

The town of Obidos in Portugal is currently hosting the Chocolate Festival dedicated to all things chocolate, check it out here I bet there are a lot of ladies walking around with smiles on their faces over there. Not to mention the tour operators. 😉

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