Getting Down And Dirty

By | February 24, 2008

AlexSuze.comYesterday’s post reminded me of other time Alex and I have played with food. Neither of us have a particularly sweet tooth, so usually we use something savoury or not sickly. You can only lick up so much sugar before you puke. Lol

One good product to use because it’s not too sweet and can be applied without much mess and fuss is squirty custard. We have spent many a naughty evening covering each other in custard. 😉

A word of warning, don’t use dairy unless you have nothing else available. It can make you smell like somebody just sicked up on you when it starts to heat up on the skin.

While I like a little food play I’m not quite into “Sploshing” I’m too clean to really get in to it. The very idea of having bits of food stuck in my red locks doesn’t do it for me.

The term sploshing was coined by a fellow Brit Bill Shipton, who is also the publisher of Splosh magazine. Sploshing is a derivative of “Wet And Messy”, WAM for short. This fetish uses anything you can cover yourself in with the exception of urine and scat play. Urrrr! That’s a whole other area which I won’t be going in to right now.

Searching the net I found a really good site which provided me with the image above. Go and check it out. I could spend hours over there. 🙂

I got dirty last night, click here to see ;).

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