Primitive Sex

By | August 7, 2010

StockingsMen are very simple creatures in some ways. We are hardwired to respond to certain stimuli when it comes to the opposite sex. This is often used as a way of berating men but I would have to take issue with this. For a heterosexual man to function as a man he has to respond to the red lips, the round ass and the curve of a woman’s hips. He has to enjoy looking at her breasts and in all ways being stimulated at a very primeval level by the proportions of a sexually mature woman’s body.

Men were built for this from the beginning and without these simple and now much maligned basic compulsions the human race would have ceased to exist or not existed in the first place. It’s like taking away the urge of the female to ensure she procures the best mate for herself to ensure the successful rearing of offspring. Granted in her case the longer term goals of a stable family group and (although it’s not fashionable to say so) provider are as important as sexual attraction.

Suze and I enjoy a relationship that is a true partnership with both of us working and providing but we are also as sexual as one another.

But I digress. Love the picture, sexy stockings – Ug Ug me cave man.