Making Porn At Home …

By | August 8, 2010

Penis PokeyI have occasionally found myself imagining being part of a porn scene when watching a porn DVD. This usually happens when I find the guy particularly good looking. Jay Snake is one of those porn stars I can be watching him fucking the girl and substituting myself for her. Come on, I’m not the only one to do it…am I?

It costs nothing to dream. Lol

You may be asking how this ties in with the image of the book at the top. Well, the Penis Pokey book is like no other I have seen. It has a circular hole cut all the way through the centre of the card pages inside.

The idea being that you stick your cock through them and view it being part of different scenarios on the pages. Intriguing. I couldn’t find any images of them though so if anyone has actually got the book I would love you to send me some pictures. 😉

The link is here if you want a copy.

I wonder if the pages are wipeable …