The Threesome’s Climax

By | August 9, 2010

Soapy ShowerContinued from here.

I lay back in the bath, my hard cock pointing towards my face, balls pulled tight and aching to be played with.

The girls were true to their word though. They had decided to give me a wash, a very thorough wash. My girlfriend started with my feet and worked up while the waitress washed my hair. She massaged my scalp sending tingles through me which were intensified as my girlfriend soaped and rubbed my legs working slowly upward. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the intensely erotic sensations.

Four hands rubbed, massaged and cleansed all converging on my crotch. When they met they pulled and stroked and tugged. My balls were cupped and rolled, teased and pinched. My cock was stroked for a moment then with the skin pulled back my frenulum was rubbed, slowly at first but with an increasing ferocity. I began to twist and turn, the water sloshing in the tub, threatening to splash over the side.

The rubbing stopped and the waitress’ russet hair dark, wet and clinging to her shoulder leant forward and licked the clear dewdrop from my erection. My girlfriend slipped her finger along my perineum and onto the opening of my arse. She rubbed gently causing my sphincter to involuntarily contract and my balls to tighten even more.

“I think he’s clean enough.” Said the waitress.

They patted me dry with towels from the rail and the three of us made for the bed. The covers were thrown off and we lay together, my girlfriend in the middle, the waitress and I on either side.

Our hands explored and delved. It became impossible to know whos’ hand was probing who, and not really important. The smell of pussy became strong with each girl’s excitement adding to the scent moment by moment.

My girlfriend pushed the waitress onto her back, kissing her mouth before moving down to suck her dark nipples. I pushed two fingers inside my girlfriend’s wet snatch her juices running down my hand, her hot opening making slurping sounds as I twisted my finger inside her.

I moved down and slid between the waitress’s legs. Her neatly trimmed pussy hair framed a set of pouting lips. The remaining hair glistened with fragrant fluids of her own making. She raised her legs, bending her knees and drawing them up. I pressed the tip of my cock against her opening. Her pussy yielded and accepted my throbbing cock. I pressed forward until my balls were pressed against her backside then began to pump her slowly.

My girlfriend moved round to face me, placing a knee either side of the waitress’s head. The waitress watched as she cupped her own breasts and pinched her nipples. Then my girlfriend leaned forward bringing her clitoris in reach of the waitresses tongue. She began lapping at my girlfriend’s pussy immediately. I looked into my girlfriend’s eyes as they rolled into the top of her head. The girl was obviously good.

The sight of my woman being licked into ecstasy by another girl was too much for me. I began to cum. I suddenly needed to push myself hard and fast into the pussy I was fucking. Three or four strokes pumped me dry and then I ground against the waitress’s buttocks for what seemed like an age. I rolled to one side and let the girls sixty nine while I watched them.

To be continued …