Baby Oil Fucking

By | August 10, 2010

I was reading our archives and found this. I had forgetten about it completely:

The human body is a beautiful thing. Its shape, its flexibility. And its amazing scope for giving and receiving pleasurable sensations.

For the most part our sex-play is reasonably vanilla. A little light restraint, role play and dressing up occasionally. We enjoy each other’s body’s without feeling the need to over embellish our congress.

Which is why simple things like baby oil are so attractive.

Baby oil enhances the sensations as you caress each other and makes your partner’s skin glow in a most pleasing manner. Add a splash of water and the droplets cling to a breast or buttock like precious stones or rivulets of quicksilver.

So you’ll not be surprised to read that I was very pleased when Suze walked into the lounge on Sunday afternoon wearing a grin and carrying a bottle of baby oil.

The only problem with this sort of thing is that we like to use a lot of oil. We start sensibly enough, slowly massaging each other’s bodies, but eventually we are slick with it, slithering over each other’s skin. So we have to cover the floor of our guest room in plastic sheet and indulge ourselves there. We also have to remember to lay a path of sheet to the bathroom to ensure that we don’t drip oil on the landing carpet on the way to the shower. A mundane but necessary preparation.

One final thing, at this time of year, turn up the central heating!

I chased Suze up to the guest room. Throwing clothes aside as I went. Suze had already made the preparations, so as I stood naked in front of her in the pale sunlight streaming through the wide windows the only thing left to do was undress her.

I took the bottle from her hand and laid it on the floor. Then I lifted the hem of her T-shirt to expose her braless breasts. Her nipples were already swelling in anticipation so I gave them a little help by lapping at them. Sliding my tongue around them, between them. Finally I caressed each nipple in turn with my tongue and sucked until they were both full and proud.

I can never resist a gentle nibble on a swollen nipple. Suze moaned as I carefully tugged at one then the other with my teeth, straining at the breast, lifting it until her pleasure turned to pain, then releasing my captive to watch it jiggle back to rest on her chest.

I slid my hands up her sides. She raised her arms as I lifted her T-shirt over her head. I unbuttoned her jeans, slid the zip down and eased them over her hips. She was almost naked now, clothed only in her red panties. I stood up as she stepped out of her jeans and kicked them to one side.

She slid her arms around my waist, pressing her tits into my chest, her head on my shoulder, her long hair caressing my skin. I slid my arms around her back and pulled her close, lovingly but impatient. The rising tension in my groin urging me to throw her to the ground and penetrate her there and then.

I resisted the urge, I was so horny because of the thought of the pleasures of baby oil but not about to forgo the sweat foreplay for a quicky.

I held Suzanne’s shoulders, pushed her away from me and turned her around. I let my hands glide down her back and hooked a finger in each side of her panties. I knelt behind her, drawing down the panties with me. I held Suzanne’s waist, kissing her beautiful ass cheeks as she kicked away her final item of clothing.

Suze turned and knelt in front of me, she grabbed an elasticated hair band and tied her hair up. She picked up the bottle and poured some oil onto her hand. She placed the warmed oil onto my chest, running her hands slowly over my skin to my nipples, tweaking them. Then on to my shoulders and on to the tops of my arms.

More oil, made difficult to dispense by her already lubricated hands. I help, holding the bottle. She takes each of my arms rubs oil from the shoulder to finger tips, her hands alive, stroking, circling, massaging.

Now she moves back to my shoulders and neck. I turn around, my cock now erect and swaying, she ignores it, for now, oiling my back. Her soothing hands are alive, every movement fluid and sensual.

I am back there now as I write this, the sensations are so intense, gentle but powerful.
Now it’s my turn, she turns round. I turn to see her exquisite back. Good, her breasts would have been too obvious. They should be the ultimate prize for my enquiring hands, not my first destination on my journey across her flesh.

I begin to oil her skin. It’s getting difficult to hold the bottle now and the sheeting under us is becoming slippery. My hands hold her shoulders firm and slow, fingers following every contour of her anatomy. Lingering on the pressure points in her neck, pressing and rubbing to stimulate them.

Down her back my hands slide. More oil. Rubbing the base of her back, the top of her buttocks. My hands move up her sides, brushing against a breast as they go, then out to her arms. I rub her upper arms, slowly up, down and around. I have to reach forward and shuffle closer to reach her hands.

My cock is now pressing into her back. My chest and her back rubbing together, moving feely because of the oil. My hands finally slither towards her breasts. I cup them one in each hand, circling them, then pinching the nipples between thumb and forefinger. She pours oil on her chest. Just manages to close the bottle with her lubricated fingers. Then the bottle skids off to one side of the room.

She slides to one side attempting to turn and face me. The slick of oil she just created causes her to slip to one side. She roles over to face me, smiling. I carefully join her in the puddle of oil.
We hold each other. Her breasts squashed into my chest. My cock held between our stomachs. Our legs entwine, partly from passion, partly because it helps us stay together. The friction you take for granted in normal circumstances is all but gone when you’ve used this much oil, so you have to hook your limbs around each other for purchase. It’s a little like I imagine zero gravity to be, not that we’ve done that. (Note to self: Fuck Suze in space)

We stroke and grab at each other. The feeling of oiled skin on oiled skin making us both wet with anticipation. We kiss with wild, lashing tongues. But only when firmly clamped together, otherwise you risk a broken tooth or two.

It’s at this point you wish you’d had a couple of friends over. Two together is great and a special, sensual treat. But with four of you … Whose hand is that? Is that Suzanne’s breast or …? You get the idea. We’ve never done that but boy that would be fun.

During one of our kisses my hand slid down her back, between her buttocks and gently rubbed her asshole. I felt her ass cheeks clench around my fingers so I gently rubbed back and forth across her anus, soliciting appreciative moans.

We parted slightly which allowed Suze to grab my balls and roll them in her oiled hand. Now that is a special feeling, I could have cum right there.

I was ready, Suze was ready. Just one problem, it’s virtually impossible to have sex in this lubricated state.

She lay on her back and hooked her legs and arms around my back. I grabbed her shoulders by hooking my hands behind her back and around her shoulders and just lay between her legs. Drawing myself up with my arms I entered her. Knees are no help they just slip from under you.

I began to draw myself back and forth with my arms. Suze came almost immediately I entered her, thank goodness! This is hard work. I was so worked up I took only a little longer to feel the rising wave of my orgasm. I came hard and copiously.

I’m pretty sure how much I came as on my second stroke after my ejaculation began, I slipped out and sprayed the rest of my load on Suzanne’s belly and my own. Very naughty and very photogenic. But I’m afraid that due to the potentially harmful effects of baby oil on my digital camera you’ll just have to use your imaginations.

It took us a while to move, wrapped in each other’s arms, we didn’t want to. The oil had turned the tangle of now exhausted limbs we had created into a softly glowing living sculpture illuminated by the late afternoon sun.