Universal Anal

By | August 9, 2010

BSG“What’s that?” I asked as she handed me the dark grey plastic box.

“A present.” She said, open it when you are the office.

The box seemed heavier than it should and something inside it rolled around in a peculiar way as I slipped it in m y pocket. I smiled, knowing it would be worth the wait, “OK, see you later.” I pecked her on the cheek and set out for my day at work.


The expressway was quiet and the auto-drive settled into a respectable 250 km/h for most of the forty minute journey. I toyed with the idea of opening the box before I reach the office but resisted and as the glass and steel towers of new Manchester loomed 4000 metres above me my thoughts turned to our new mining project Pavonis Mons.

The morning flew by and although thoughts of the little box she had given me kept tugging at my consciousness I didn’t find the time to open it until lunch. So it was while eating lunch and staring out of my window across the red-grey sands of Mars that I opened it. Inside the lid a bold, simple label read “PolyMetal, your universal plaything.”

She knew I’d wanted to try some out every since I had seen it on the gadget channel, it appealed to my boyish streak. I poured the puddle of silver metallic fluid onto the polished stone surface of my desk and watched it gather itself into a hemispherical dome. As the last drop left the container the mass began a series of transformations. The first into three, three-dimensional words from her “I love you.” I smiled and watched as the PolyMetal moved and changed into a huge number of shapes, some geometric, others flowing and organic. It was while in an organic form that the PolyMetal rolled across the desk and slid over the back of my hand.

It was warm and heavy as you would expect and quite fast moving, splitting into rivulets and wrapping itself around my arm so it could climb inside my shirt and up to my shoulders. It made me shudder, particularly because she had programmed it to gently stroke my sensitive neck. I leaned back in the chair, closed my eyes and smiled. The semi-sentient metallic entity then lowered itself down my spine making me tingle and shiver with delight until most of it was in my lower back.

What now? I thought. I was answered immediately as the PolyMetal slid down the cleft between my buttocks and probed my ass. The thinnest cylinder with a gently rounded tip pushed its way inside and created a tube through which the rest of the mass flowed into my rectum. The heavy mass of metal formed itself into a shape which filled my ass and pressed against my prostate.

Quickly I became breathless and excited. The pleasure was exquisite and intense. My cock filled with blood, becoming heavy and hot on my thigh. I considered unzipping my flies and pulling it out but knew that a colleague might enter at any minute. The temptation was intense to masturbate torn between desire and logic I was in deliciously intense torment, weighing up the chances of discovery against my need to cum.

My phone rang. It was her. “Do you like your present?” She asked with a knowing, amused tone to her voice.

“You know I do you dirty girl. You know me too well.” I was breathless and knew she would be turned on by the thought of me with this heavy plug up my ass. “Bet you wish you were here to see it.”

“Of course, which is why I am.”

The door opened and in she walked. Casually dressed in a tight, green, fitted blouse that she knew worked well with her red hair. She locked the door behind herself. “I’ve given Ellen the afternoon off and stopped all your calls.” She explained as she walked purposefully across the soft carpet.

“Now, what have we here?” She pushed my chair away from the desk and swivelled it around. “You are enjoying that aren’t you.” She giggled, unfastening her jeans, sliding down the zip and wriggling them over her hips. She was wearing a green thong which she pulled down too to uncover her hairless pussy. The crotch of the green satin underwear was dark from her fluids and I could smell her excitement.

She slid a finger between her pussy lips, immediately becoming covered in her rich, glistening juices. “Get it out!” she asked, though it almost seemed like an order. I pushed my trousers down to mid thigh and pushed my boxes below my balls. I was almost fully hard and dripping with precum so my foreskin slid easily over my swollen head. Each movement in the chair made me more conscious of the carefully formed metal weight in my ass and my face portrayed this as even lost in her own masturbation I saw her reaction to my expressions of intense stimulation and gasps when my P Spot was massaged with the greatest of intensity.

“Come here.” I instructed, standing as she did so. I pushed her over the desk and without any preamble I pressed my cock against her pouting wet lips. I felt my entry into her familiar opening with an immense clarity as if it was the first time again, the pressure in my ass amplifying every sensation.

As I swing my hips, soliciting excited cries from her the plug in my ass moved too, its shape constantly changing to massage and the shear weight of it emphasising the deepest of my thrusts.

She began to beg to be fucked, fucked hard. I sucked my thumb and pressed it against her asshole, rubbing until I felt her open slightly and pressing inside a little. She began to whimper, this extra little naughtiness taking her to the edge and a few harder strokes which lifted her from the desk slightly solicited a scream and a guttural “I’m cummmiiinng …”

I kept thrusting until she went limp and was about to release myself inside her when she pushed back against me and twisted round, causing me to withdraw from her. My cock waved in front of me wet from the deepest part of her snatch. She dropped to the floor and took me deep into her mouth, So deep I could feel the back of her throat. Her fingers frantically unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open to reveal her petite tits cupped in a green satin bra.

She held the head of my cock in pursed lips, her tongue flicking the frenulum and her hand working the shaft in long strokes. Her other hand squoze my balls. My ass was spasming, the approaching orgasm and the weight of the PolyMetal butt plug building into an overwhelming wave of sensation. I tried to control the release, hold off for a few seconds, but it was impossible. With her eyes looking up at me and her hands and mouth all working in concert I began to cum. She felt my groin tighten and released my cock from her mouth.

The first jet of cum splashed across her lips and open mouth but her intention was to feel the hot liquid splash elsewhere and directed my sprays of semen downwards, covering her tits in the viscous issue. I collapsed into the chair, delirious and with cum oozing from the tip of my cock and onto my belly. She knelt in front of me toying with the thick white liquid now running onto her bra and smiled at me.