Kneeling Fuck With A Hedgehog Finish

By | August 10, 2010

Power LunchWe were both tired after a day of entertaining little nephew and retired to the bedroom for some rest as soon as we returned from delivering him safely in to the arms of his parents.

I felt myself drift off to sleep with the television news in the background…

The tongue was warm and lapping my clitoris, hot breath warming my labia.  He was down under the sheets working his magic between my legs a prelude for what was to come.  I moaned and shifted to the right slightly, making my clitoris and vaginal opening more available to his attentions.

Moments later he was making his way up the sheets and towards my face.  Then I felt his lips press upon mine, his tongue push between my lips and meet with mine.  His breath was hot and moist and my scent was clearly evident on his breath.

I kissed him for the briefest of moments before breaking away and savouring the musky fluid on my own lips.  My fluid, and it tasted divine.

Whilst I was pre occupied with savouring my own honey Alex had pushed between my legs and started to fuck me.  I was so wet and slick that the friction I normally require to bring me off had all but been removed.  Experience has taught me that within a few minutes of fucking I would soon regain that all important feel of hard flesh grinding in to me and stimulating my swollen g-spot.

And I was so right.  Within minutes he had me on the brink of orgasm and wet again.  I pulled away changing position to all fours in front of him.  He pushed back inside me and once again my g-spot was taking the full onslaught of his thick hard cock.

I pulled the pillows under my forearms to raise me up increasing the g-spot stimulation with the tilt of my pelvis.  Alex was really getting in to his stride, driving deep and hard inside me then pulling out until just the tip was inside my opening and deftly pushing back inside once more.

Again I felt the urge to try something else…cock in my arse?  No I wasn’t prepared for it and to try would probably result in disappointment.  But what?  I raised up on my legs until I was almost kneeling fully upright with Alex still inside me.  Being very careful to ensure that my ass was angled for his entry.

Now I could feel his hot breath against the nape of my neck and the ambient warmth of his torso on my bare back.  It felt good and even better when his arm swept across my chest and his hand cupped my left breast, his right on my hip.

He pinched that firm bud between his fingers and gave it a slight twist which made me moan once more.  “Yes” I urged him on.  He started to knead the soft mound of my breast as he continued to fuck me and I could feel the moisture ooze down my left thigh as I came almost silently but not undetected.

“Did you just come?” his husky quieted voice whispered in my ear.

“Yes” came my breathless reply.

“Lean over I want to come inside you”.  He urged and I complied as yet another orgasm headed my way.

I lent forward pushing my ass further in to the air and against his thrusts.  With a couple of deep hard thrusts he quivered and shook and filled me with his seed, collapsing briefly over my back for support as he lost control momentarily.

He then withdrew slowly from my wet sated hole and collapsed on to the bed beside me.  We lay hand in hand for a while regaining our composure before silently and consentually heading for the bathroom.

I eased myself off the mattress and opened the curtains just a chink to see if I could spot my cat or any of the other ones in our neighbourhood but there were non to be seen.  Not that I’m a cat person or anything.  Lol   And just as I was about to close them I noticed a slight movement on the pavement then I realised with glee that it was a small hedgehog.

I’ve not seen one for years and I believe they are quite a rare sight these days.  It made me feel slightly honoured that I had spotted one and an added unexpected bonus to the already perfect evening.  🙂