Clit Teaser?

By | February 27, 2008

Being bisexual is part of my life and comes quite naturally, looking at both men and women turns me on. I suppose I am having my cake and eating it with a big dollop of cream. 😉 I’m truly lucky to enjoy the pleasures of both sexes and have such an understanding and down right horny fella to share my desires with.

I’m well aware that some women out there never get the chance to honestly express themselves sexually and that is such a shame. We should all feel free to be ourselves and enjoy the one chance at life we have.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that driving home last night I stopped at the lights as I normally do and for some reason I looked out of the passenger window. My gaze immediately fell upon the girl in the driver’s seat of the car alongside mine.

She was looking my way and when I turned towards her she smiled back at me. She had long brown hair tied back in a ponytail with a clip holding it in place. Her face was heart shaped and she was quite a pretty woman. I would have aged her to be about my age or perhaps a little older. I’m crap with ages.

I smiled back at her, half keeping an eye out for the lights changing. They did and she gave me a wave as she put her foot to the floor and turned off to the left. I was going straight on and felt a little saddened that I would never find out if she was just being pleasant or if I had caught her eye.

It would be nice to think the latter.

Which leads me to this dilemma…how do you really know when another girl is coming on to you. With men it’s quite easy to tell, something just gives it away but with other women it is difficult and could be confused with someone just being plain friendly. It concerns me to think that there could have been missed opportunities in the past.

Ladies this one’s for you. How can I tell if she fancies me?