Suze Being Filthy For A Change

By | August 14, 2010

sexy ceramicsI can understand why people collect things, I’ve participated in this most of my life. Everything from pigs to condoms and everything in between. Actually I got quite a collection of condoms, it got to a stage where male friends would give me packs from toilet vending machines. Lol

The condoms eventually perished and were consigned to the bin, the soft toys are now bagged up and in the attic. My collecting days were a transient thing, I don’t really collect anything these days but as I said earlier I understand why people do.

For me it was probably a comfort thing having lots of piggies adorning my bed, not sure about the condoms. Whereas for others it could be recapturing their youth by collecting items they could not purchase at the time or lost over the years.

Alex mentioned briefly a couple of weeks ago that we stopped off at a magazine collectors shop which stocked everything from the Beano to Fiesta, vintage right through to the last date of publication.

You have to ask. Would you want to purchase a second hand copy of a magazine which hasn’t been in circulation since the 80’s or ealier. Just think how many pairs of hands it could have passed through and what they may have been doing. Errrr.

Yes, whilst I’m sure there is living to be made from second hand mags I’m not sure I could handle it. Lol