Hard On The Bathroom Floor

By | August 15, 2010

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Amanda’s swaying hips enticed Dale upstairs. She was naked from the waist up. Her boobs were adorned with his cum and his cock, hastily stuffed into his trousers reminded him of his recent blowjob. His first blowjob, administered by a woman who he didn’t even know. The hot, still swollen, mass of his cock was dribbling inside his trousers, warm sticky fluid exuding from its tip, moistening his skin and underwear.

They reached the bathroom. Amanda kicked off her shoes and eased the dress over her hips leaving her standing in a simple cream g-string. Dale had given up on conversation and just stared admiringly at her.

Amanda wasn’t in the mood to wait for Dale to finish ogling her, he seemed frozen to the spot and she wanted him inside her. She reached out and unfastened his shirt, removing it from his shoulders and taking in his youthful body. She remembered when her husband’s body had been just like that, smooth, perfect, toned … enough of him. He was at work and this was her time.

Trousers came next, shoes and socks. Dales did his best to help but disentangling him from his clothing was not an elegant process. Finally he was divested of everything but his underwear, a tent pole bulge protruding from the front. She grabbed his cock through the fabric, patches of it damp from the cum that had dribbled from the end after their encounter only a few minutes before in the kitchen. Up again so soon, she hadn’t seen this for years and certainly not from her husband.

For a moment she considered slipping her hand into his shorts and wanking him until he came. The though of hot sticky semen covering her hand, unseen and clandestine made her pussy quiver for a moment. “Amanda! You bad girl.” She told herself. It was a brief moment though, she needed him inside her.

Dale felt he was in a dream. He was vaguely aware of his hand being lifted and placed upon Amanda’s breast, thumb and forefinger poised to squeeze her gorgeous nipple. “Isn’t that what you wanted?” a distant voice asked. For a moment he was lost but the warm, rich seductive tones dragged him back to the bathroom and Amanda.

From that moment he needed no more prompting. He leant forward and sucked at each nipple in turn, sucked so hard that Amanda squealed. “Careful!” she admonished him. He licked and lapped at her breasts, drinking in the smell, taste and varied texture of the skin from the underside of her boobs, up and around to the nipple-crowned summits.

Amanda pulled his head between her tits stifling his breathing, holding him in a warm, soft prison for a moment. She could feel him squirming not wanting to escape but to be buried deeper. She indulged his quest for refuge in her bosom for a while, enjoying the feel of his hair on her skin and his wet tongue licking her flesh.

When she pushed him away he looked a little like a frightened animal, caught in headlights. “Take those off” she instructed, motioning towards his boxers. He obliged, his cock pointing skyward. Amanda threw four or five towels from the towel rails onto the hard tiled floor and laid on her back. She drew her ankles up to her buttocks and parted her knees. “Are you going to do something with that cock of yours, or just wave it at me?”

Dale knelt on the towels, the hard floor made things a little uncomfortable, but he was not about to complain. He shuffled towards Amanda who pulled the insubstantial crotch of her knickers to one side and parted her lips. Dale smelt her, hot and horny. Yes those words did pass through his head, too many porn magazines he told himself. Not any more, this was the real thing.

His glans touching her pussy and finding its way inside was like the opening of a door for Dale. His first time, with someone so willing and obviously experienced. The feeling was new, unexpected. She was hot, wet fragrant and almost as excited as him. He slipped in, her pussy absorbing his full length easily his pubic hair tickling her waxed pudenda.

Amanda knew, she just knew, it was the look in his eye, the speed of his thrusts … this was his first time. She had suspected, but only knew at this moment. She was good with bulges and at spotting virgins. Wait until she told the girls about this …

She wasn’t going to cum, she knew that, the tension in his face, the shuddering in his breath. Only a few strokes after entering her he was cumming and loving it. She was loving it, watching his face contort, hearing the throaty groan that accompanied the delivery of his hot seed into her cunt.

Dale collapsed onto her, his head on her chest. She gently rolled him to one side. “Shower?” she asked. He smiled.