Shagging In The Back Seat

By | February 28, 2008

There are those moments in life which just make you smile and they come out of the blue. I was driving in to work this morning wishing that it was Friday, it’s been a long week. When I noticed a car approaching me on the other side of the road.

It was a new racing green Bentley saloon. I didn’t get the chance to check out the driver but I was drawn to the registration plate. It read BJ1. No I’m not making it up. It’s perfectly true.

I wonder if it was a pornstar or wealthy Adult Store chain entrepreneur…

So for the rest of the journey in to work I had a smile on my face. It didn’t go away when I got in either. Horny asked me what I was smiling about and burst in to fits of laughter when I told her. “Trust you”, she giggled.

It sparked off memories of in car naughtiness…

When Alex and I first got together, not so much now because we have somewhere more comfortable to do it. We fucked in the front, back and over the bonnet of my company car at the time. In addition we also fucked in the front and back of his fathers car and mine too. I recall clearly having to wipe the seats to remove the white stains before returning them. 😉

We were once taking a trip down south and on the M1 and I got a little frisky and decided it would be a good idea to give him a blow job there and then. I managed to unzip him and free his cock through the zip. So there we were doing 70 mph…ok, 80! Lol With his hard cock in my mouth and 4 x 4’s and lorries enjoying the spectacle. When I think, we could have been locked up for lewd behaviour. 😉

There was also the time when Alex’s parents took us out to a countryside retreat for Sunday lunch and Alex spent most of the journey with his hand up my dress fingering me. It was so hard keeping my face straight so that Alex’s father wouldn’t catch sight of me coming in his rear view mirror.

On another occasion we were taking Alex’s elderly granny out somewhere, I can’t recall where now. She sat in the rear of the car behind Alex whilst I gave him a slow and very careful handjob. When Alex got out of the car there was a small droplet of come on the hem of his t-shirt. She never noticed.

One of my favourite naughty pursuits is to read porn…correction, looking at porn mags in the car whilst Alex is driving. I would love to capture the faces of the guys as we pass and I’m looking at a woman’s pussy. They have to do a double take because they can’t believe what they are seeing at first. Lol

These are just a few occasions that I can recall, I’ll fill you in on the rest when I remember. What’s the horniest thing you have done in a car?

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