Dirty And Depraved Girls

By | August 16, 2010

Pamila, Bondage FairyThe Bondage Fairies are a product of the imagination of Teruo Kakuta (aka “Kondom”). Translated from the original Japanese to English these Manga comics have nothing to do with children’s books and the fairy tales that you grew up with.

Packed with lesbian and fetish sex (Including bestiality) they could only have originated in Japan.

I say this because the Bondage Fairies seem to me like modern day manifestations of the Japanese folklore traditions of merging the animal and the human on all levels, even sexually. I’d love to live in Japan for while soak up the culture to get some clues as to the origins of this fusion of the animal and human world, and modern Japan’s take on it.

Bondage Fairies seem to capture the innocence that a lot of Japanese porn seems to allude to. Sometimes this innocence is admired for just that and seems simply to be the source of arousal for masturbation with young (or at least young-looking) models simply a visual feast for the consumer. But like the unusual and often bizarre (to our western eyes at least) Japanese folk tales, the function of this innocence is to be shattered. The defloration of virgins, the indulgence in masturbation, oral sex and even bestiality then seem to take over as the story teller allows the consumer of the cartoons to witness sexual acts that would otherwise be impossible or in some cases illegal.

Manga porn in general gives the viewer a safe way of seeing the most extreme of sexual behaviour in the sure and certain knowledge that no fairies were injured during the making of this comic … but why would you want to take it that far – even with a fictional character composed of paper and ink? I can appreciate erotic art and the images in many of the better Manga comics is I feel worthy of being called art. I also love a little dressing up from time to time in real life, whether she’s in a fairy costume or even a bee costume LOL.

But Bondage Fairies? I’m undecided whether this is harmless fantasy or something else.