Screw Her – Part 2

By | August 16, 2010

Hot Wet BlouseYou can read Part 1 of this story here.

She was older than me by about five years, early twenties. I could see that despite the fact that she had taken the lead, been so forward, jerked me off less than an hour after meeting me, that she was nervous and excited. She kept glancing across at me and licking her lips as if they were dry despite the red lipstick.

“You live round here?” I asked. Her car was several years old and not a prestige model but we were driving into the most expensive part of town. She laughed and a moment later I realised why. The drive which she drove up had a “For Sale” sign at the entrance. “Oh, a client’s house.”

“Yep. They’ve emigrated and are still trying to find a buyer. Nice isn’t it.”

It was very nice. A drive two hundred metres long through trees which opened out to a wide courtyard in front of a mock Gerogian mansion.

“How many bedrooms?” I asked.

“Eight. Come on, you’ll love the shower …”

The house was huge, from the wide hall to the long, low-raked staircase leading up to the promised shower. I followed her up the stairs watching her full ass swaying in front of me.

The bathroom was impressive, twin basins and a huge walk-in shower behind a curved wall covered in sandstone slabs. “I like wet rooms, don’t you?” She asked. “Never had the pleasure.” I answered.

“And I haven’t yet. Get undressed.” She instructed urgently.

We both undressed in front of the huge mirror which ran behind the basins. I threw my clothes into the corner and watched her carefully lay her suit on the rowel rail. I stood in my boxers watching her slip off her stockings with mouth wide. She saw that I was transfixed and smiled at me. Her hands slipped around her back and unclasped her bra uncovering her tiny pert breasts with hard dark brown nipples. Then she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slid them over her hips. She stepped out of them and towards me.

“Take them off, I’ve seen it before you know. And the bandage, I’ll re-dress it later.”

“Oh”, I said, “Yes OK”, the spell of her neatly trimmed triangle of dark brown pubic hair broken. My boxers removed my cock pointed out in from of me. She grasped it and led me to the shower where we waited for a moment for the water temperature from the four heads to stabilise.

I leant down and kissed her on the lips, tasting her lipstick and probing into her hot mouth. She pressed against me, my cock pushing into her belly. “Come on, we need to get washed.”

We began by applying shower gel to each other and slowly sliding our hands over each others bodies. We investigated every nook and cranny. I moved my hand down her back and she turned, presenting me with her round ass. I washed and caressed it, letting my hand dip into the valley between her cheeks and being surprised that she pushed her ass out offering me her ass hole. I ignored this and moved on, down her legs to the very bottom, back up and back to her front where I found her small breasts more than ample as playthings.

She reciprocated, washing every part of me except my cock, perhaps knowing I was ready to cum at the slightest provocation. She took great care around my damaged hand, not wanting to disturb the knitting flesh. Finally she carefully soaped and washed my erect penis.

“Wait there.” She instructed.

She disappeared for a moment and returned with an armful of white towels which she laid on the hard floor. They were soon wet with water from the shower. We lay on them and kissed with her legs wrapped around mine and my cock ready to burst. The water from the shower heads sprayed across our bodies and ran down our limbs adding to the sensory feast of soft flesh and hard passion.

She could feel my insistent grinding and the tremors that were coursing through me with every touch. My heart pounded as I tried desperately to postpone the inevitable. “Your first time?” she said, half question, half statement.

“Yeah.” I replied, my voice trembling.

She pushed me onto my back on the wet towels and straddled me. My cock was trapped in the furrow of her pussy. She slid forward to capture me then back down to engulf me into a cunt that was as wet as it was tight.

I gasped at the sensation. “Nice?” she grinned. “Oh yes. I can’t …”

“I know.” She said soothingly and rocked gently back and forth gently massaging me with her vaginal walls for no more than a minute. I groaned and gritted my teeth. “That’s right.” She crooned, “Fill me up …” and pressed hard down onto me, her pubic hair entwined with mine.

I bucked upwards as if to augment the force of my ejaculation with the movement of my hips. She steadied herself on my chest and waited until I had pumped the last of my seed into her.

“Thank you.” I said, still on my back, staring into the thick cloud of steam which now filled the shower.

“No, thank you. It’s not every day that you get to pop a guy’s cherry.” Said a voice from the head laying on my chest.