Dripping In Cum

By | August 17, 2010

Manga Cum on AssI woke up on Saturday morning in an unusually flaccid state. The reason I think was that the house down the road who is having building work done was having a delivery. So instead of being woken by birdsong I was woken by the sound of a diesel engine and wood and bricks being noisily unloaded.

I slid over to Suze who was laying on her back and slipped my hand between her legs. She was wet from last night’s fun and games, so with my finger slick with our combined juices I rubbed her clit, making her squirm. She grasped my cock with her hand. Just holding it and letting it swell in her grip.

My hips ground into her thigh, an involuntary movement, rubbing my now hard cock on her soft skin.

Quicker than I expected I began to cum. Hot, white sticky semen flowed from my cock and coated my stomach and her thigh.

“You filthy boy.” She scolded, wriggling around to spread the viscous fluid over us both.

Time for a shower.