Reality Sex

By | August 17, 2010

Stiletto In GroinWhat Alex and I write here is true be it a sex toy review, opinion or journal post. We don’t feel the need to sensationalise our sex life, we tell it how it is. If we go out in to the countryside and are about to do the do and someone walks by, we tell you about it and don’t pretend that we got down and dirty amongst the leaves. Well except where we occasionally do.

If we take a trip to the supermarket and decide to indulge in a surreptitious blow job that is exactly what we write…not that we fucked each others brains out in the car park of the supermarket on a busy afternoon. Lol

I think that is one reason why our visitors enjoy reading us, we share our trials and tribulations with you with no bullshit and you share our lives online.

The only thing we will not reveal is our identities, which gives birth to us being so honest with you all. If we did reveal ourselves then you would be sharing a censored and self-conscious version of our life.

No, Alex and Suze like to keep it real. 😉