Screw Her – Part 3

By | August 17, 2010

Denim SkirtShe picked me up from my flat, summoning me with two toots of her horn. I was trembling with excitement again. It was only 24 hours ago that she had taken my virginity and now we were heading back to the scene of my defloration with carnal intent in mind again. She was wearing a denim skirt so short that I could almost see her underwear and a tight red t-shirt than clung to her compact boobs. With no bra underneath her nipples were clearly visible and obviously hard.

The car was full of her perfume and a sense of excitement made the air between us electric. We did not touch until we were both back inside the house again, but the door had scarcely shut before we began groping and kissing. We were interrupted by the pizza delivery boy who left us our dinner to accompany the bottles of wine I had brought.

Sitting on the stools at the breakfast table we ate pizza with our hands and drank wine from crystal glasses, I glanced down and noticed she was wearing cerise underwear. She had kicked off her shoes and was bare-foot. We filled each other in on the basics about ourselves as if we both thought it would be impolite to fuck again without at least knowing a little about each other.

“How about …” She reached into her huge canvas handbag slung over the next stool. “This!”

She produced a DVD with a flourish. The label advertised its contents as “Hardcore Fuckfest #3”. I smiled “Oh, go on then. I was going to say that I didn’t think you were that sort of girl but I think you are exactly that kind of girl.”

She got up and placed her hand on my linen trousers. Her finger gently squoze my cock. “You see, you know me already. I waited a moment before following her enjoying the gentle pad of her bare feet on the kitchen tiles and the sight of her naked legs disappearing down the hall. I grabbed two bottles, the corkscrew and my glass before following her into the lounge.

We settled in front of the huge TV. The DVD was not going to win many prizes for originality but it was explicit and obviously to her taste. Her hand rubbed my cock through my trousers and the precum this elicited began to make a dark stain on them. My arm was draped over her shoulder.

“That looks nice …” she observed as a brunette was vigorously licked by a well hung stud.

I looked at her blue green eyes looking up at me. “That was a hint wasn’t it. Subtle.”

“That’s as subtle as I get.” She said pulling off her panties.

I could have reached her pussy by smell alone, the aroma was so strong. Her pubic hair glistened and lips were already pouting with the increased blood flow. She spread her legs and lay back, presenting herself to me. She slid her hand up her T-Shirt to fondle her own boob and as I pressed my lips against her snatch her other hand came to rest on my head and pulled me towards her.

I began by slowly lapping at her from anus to clitoris, my face quickly becoming covered in her juices. She squirmed and wriggled, her enjoyment of my tongue’s firm strokes quite evident. A never ending stream of liquid exuded from her, my nostrils filling with its smell and mouth rich with the taste of her. I probed inside letting her hot hole engulf my tongue. I strained as deep as my tongue could go but found her more appreciative of strong circling motions that rubbed the opening itself.

I could feel my cock, hard and trapped in my trousers. It needed attention but this was a feast I was not going to waste. I slid my tongue slowly up to her clitoris, lapping with slow deliberate strokes at first then increasing the speed and reducing the pressure until I was flicking the swelling bud with the tip of my tongue as fast as I could. There were two hands on my head now, forcing me to engulf her clit with my mouth. I sucked it hard and heard her squeal.

My hand slid between her thighs and two fingers slid inside her. I had no sophisticated technique, simply jamming my fingers into her while licking her clit. That was enough to make her cum, a shuddering, arching climax followed by a calm as her body flopped back onto the sofa.

I slid back onto my haunches and watched her chest rise and fall, eyes still closed and cheeks flushed red. Her legs were splayed in front of me offering her engorged labia for my visual enjoyment, her thighs like my face were covered in glistening pussy juice.