Screw Her – Part 4

By | August 18, 2010

boobs“That was wonderful.” She said when she had recovered a little. “You’re very inventive with your mouth.” I was slumped on the sofa next to her my face smelling of her pussy, her taste on my tongue. She slid off the cream leather and onto the floor in front of me. “Your turn.” She giggled and began to tug at my trousers. Moments later with my trousers and underwear gone and cock unleashed she began to work on me.

Her hands took my cock and balls. With an ever changing array of twisting, squeezing and pumping motions she began to work her magic. She leaned forward to tickle the end of my cock with her tongue rubbing the frenulum and tasting my clear, oozing precum.

It wasn’t long before I was watching her work the base of my shaft with two hands, twisting it like she was gently wringing out a cloth while she lapped at my sensitive head. I closed my eyes and lay back, letting the sensations wash over me. A moment later I felt her lips wrap around my head.

She began to suck while her tongue swirled round and around creating a cascade of sensation. With a gigantic effort of will I held off the rise of my orgasm. I so wanted to fill her warm mouth with my cum, see it dripping from her lips but just being sucked by her and aroused in so many way was too good to bring to an end.

Each moment that went by the urge to cum increased but I held it back. Even when she leaned further forward and the tip of my cock slid towards the back of her tongue I maintained my composure. Then she took me by surprise, opening her mouth and forcing her head hard down onto me. The wet gurgling sound from her mouth as she choked herself on the cock now jammed in her throat was too much. She was utterly wanton and I knew she would be aroused by the thought of my appreciation, she wanted to be the porn star for me, acting the part, taking enjoyment from my arousal at her depravity.

So I came, as she pulled back her head I came while she watched. With her hand wanking my cock and white gobs of cum shooting from the tip she laughed. Her hand was covered in hot sticky dribbles which she rubbed on my cock until it was glistening and sticky.

“Oh dear.” She mocked, “You need another shower.”