All Up For Anal

By | August 19, 2010

AnalI’m a newbie when it comes to anal. I’ve attempted it a few times, even managed to take Alex’s cock but never really mastered it. You see the thing is that I can only do it as an accompaniment to being fucked.

It feels uncomfortable and awkward if I try using toys when “cold”, that is to say not being penetrated. The act of being penetrated makes my anal muscles relax and become easier to insert things in to.

For example last night I had a set of rigid vibrating anal beads. Alex deftly inserted them whilst fucking me and at first they felt good but then he was finding it difficult to enter me doggy style due to the length of the beads and the fact they weren’t pliable.

As soon as he stopped being able to angle himself to enter me I started to tighten up which resulted in me having to remove them. Up to that point I had been enjoying the slim beads and the vibrating bullet tip inside my ass.

The reason it didn’t work was because Alex was having to contort to enter me with the length of the rigid beads.

I’m going to put a question out there to all you horny people, can someone recommend some small vibrating beads which flex and don’t obstruct pussy entry when in use? 😉