Personal Tit Job Babes

By | August 20, 2010

I see a number of ads for applications that allow you to have naked animated girls on your desktop PC. The animations are very good and the image quality is excellent. However I can’t help wondering who would buy them, and where they would install them.

If you haven’t seen them they consist of an attractive and of course well-endowed young lady peeling her top off to reveal her breasts, then putting it back on again. A never ending loop of video for you to enjoy.

The problem is, would you enjoy it? First of all it could be distracting, not in the sense of hypnotising you with her obvious charms, because after a few minutes I’m sure you’d be thinking “Very nice, but is that it?”. What I think would become a problem is her appearing while you try to concentrate on other things, like writing an email or filling in an online order form. Some woman popping out her jubblies will take your mind off the job in hand.

Because the virtual girl on your desktop has a limited range of movement it must be said that the Internet and its infinite possibilities for the seekers of pornographic images has much more to offer.

Then there’s the where … At work? I think not. In my experience it is the policy of most employers to discourage the use of business PCs to display images depicting nudity.

OK at home then? Well if the other half doesn’t mind and the kids wont see it then maybe, but I still think the Web offers a much wider variety and for free too!

No, to me they are just novelties with a limited appeal. Anyone out there disagree, or maybe even have one installed?