Underwear For Suze

By | August 20, 2010

White BraBurlesque And Cotton Bras

If you think about underwear there is a range of complexity from the simplest of white cotton bra to the sort of thing that Burlesque dancers wear – ultra complex, multi-layered lingerie that seems to delight in just how many pleats and frills it can contain.

Most people have a range of tastes covering a number of different styles of underwear, some appropriate for a particular occasion, some not. I mean there are certain pieces of underwear that wouldn’t look right or even fit under a work suit. Well not unless you were playing naughty secretary at home with hubby. LOL

What I’ve found is that my tastes in the underwear that I find makes a woman more attractive changed as I got older, yoyoed a bit sometimes preferring the simple, sometimes the flamboyant and now covers pretty much everything. In the right context of course.

In fact I really am struggling to think of a piece of underwear that doesn’t do it for me now.

One thing will always stay constant though – Stockings please ladies. Tights might be practical but stockings, well, there is no substitute for me.