It Was Only A … Part 2

By | November 27, 2006

I hoped the doors were sound proofed, Peter was now moaning quite loudly as I continued my oral attack on his cock.  “Do you like this too Suze?”, came Mark’s voice from between my legs.  “Yes”, I responded no need to think about it.  I raised my hips from the chair as he hit my sweet spot once again and I came with a shudder and a throaty groan reverberated on Peter’s cock.

“Oh My God Suze!” exclaimed Peter as his whole body started to quiver and jerk.  His hands were tight in my hair now, he was pulling on the two handfuls of hair in his grip.  He was hurting me but I liked it.  Head tilted upwards and back arched as he began to thrust quite violently in to my mouth.  Taking hold of his hands I eased them off a little.  His cock was now rapidly pistoning in and out of my vacuum sealed lips. 

He was whining in an almost child like way, face contorted, perspiration forming small beads on his forehead.  Mark was watching with the same anticipation I had.  We both knew Peter was about to blow his wad.  He continued to roll my clit as I sucked hard on Peter.  “Jesus!”, he shouted withdrawing his hands from my hair, grabbing hold of his erection and easing it from between my lips.

Peter began to slowly wank the very tip of his cock, hardly any movement of his hand was required.  I opened my mouth ready to receive his hot seed.  He was gently brushing his frenulum now.  We both watched with eager interest.  “Fuck!”.  The first round of cum hit my top lip, that was followed by a second better aimed shot, straight on to my tongue.  He continued to work his dick, this time cum splattered my shirt collar.

I reached my left arm around his bare buttocks and guided him back to my mouth.  I wanted to lick him clean.  To taste more of him.  I gently ran my tongue over the tip of his glans and he twitched with the ultra sensitivity he was now feeling.  I took him in my right hand and ran my tongue down his length.  I sucked one of his balls in to my mouth, then the other and rolled them around on my tongue.  He tasted good, warm, slightly salty and a little musky.

Now cleaned up, I released his balls and kissed his deflating phallus.  I looked up at him and with a smile he responded “Suze, that was great I’m totally spent”.  I smiled back and returned my gaze to Mark who had been so patiently waiting.  He stood up before me and I reached up and began to undo the shiny silver buckle on his belt.  I unhooked the button on his waistband and pulled down his zipper, the only thing keeping his trousers in place.  They fell to his feet and he stepped out of them.

He was wearing a very kinky black cotton thong which was having great difficulty containing his swollen member.  The sides of his thong were pulling away from his legs as the front bulged outward.  He reached down and pulled off each shoe in turn, holding his passionate animalistic gaze on me.  The air was heavy with the scent of sex…my sex..Peter’s sex and now Mark needed his release.

Peter was now sitting on the edge of the table with his trousers still around his ankles, looking a little stoned.  Still reeling from his orgasm.  Oblivious to Mark and myself.

I stood before Mark and reached up under the black cotton where it raised from Mark’s groin and took a hold of his hard shaft.  He was throbbing in my hand and clearly ready to fuck…but not yet.  I eased him out under the elasticated edge.  He was hot and very, very hard.  The veins which ran the length of his cock were prominent and coursing with his desire.  I reached up to his nipple with my other hand and rolled his nipple bar between my fingers.  His nipples were now as firm as mine.  I let go, concentrating on his hardon.

With a firm grip I encircled his cock and began to stroke him.  “Suze, I’m close”, he cried out at the same time reaching under my skirt and in to my panties once again.  “Take them off”, I demanded.  He eased a finger under each side of my panties and slid them down over my hips, letting them fall to the floor, creating a trail of my own cum down my inner left thigh as they descended.

I spat on the tip of his cock, he was becoming a little dry, the skin not pushing back as smoothly as it was a moment ago.  Mark took a hold of my hand and guided me towards the table.  I rested both of my palms of the cool wood of the table top.  Mark moved in behind me and roughly hoisted up my skirt into a roll of fabric around my waist.  The cool air hit my ass cheeks and exposed pussy, I closed my eyes taking in the moment.  When I opened them Peter was standing at the other side of the table, wearing just his shirt  which was still buttoned.

Mark placed his hand on my back pushing me downwards on to the table.  Peter climbed on to the table and laid himself down with his head directly under my tits.  Mark pushed my legs further apart with his hands forcing me forward over Peter.  He hooked his finger into my bra between the cups and raised it up over my breasts.

He sucked my right nipple in to his mouth and my left breast rested in the curve of his neck, my nipple sticking in to his glottis.  His mouth was hot and his tongue played my erect nipple, rolling it round and flicking it with his tongue.

Mark came up behind me, pushing his hard cock between my cheeks.  “Ahh,  that’s my ass”!  I exclaimed as he began to part my tight anus with the tip of his cock.  He made adjustment and began to push his length inside me.  His cock was larger than I was used to, the skin around my opening was stretching to accommodate his girth. 

He liked the tightness of my pussy as he pushed in.  “Uhm, you are a tight girl aren’t you?…I’m going to stretch this cunt of yours and fill it with my cum”.  “Is that what you want?”.  “Yes, fuck me”, I demanded.  I could feel his groin against my ass as he hit my cervix.  “God, you’re big!”

Peter let go his grip on my nipples and slid further up the table under me.  His groin was now level with my mouth and I could smell his spent seed.  The musky smell filling my nostrils.  Mark was now steadily fucking me from behind and I could feel my orgasm building as I took Peter once more in to my mouth.

Mark began to grunt like he was possessed, far from turning me off this made me want him more.  I love to hear a guy enjoying himself, not feeling repressed but allowing himself to vocalise his euphoria.  Peter was still flaccid, in recovery from his previous ejaculation but there was a small ember which demanded to be fanned.

He was growing in my mouth and with every suck, lick and downward bob he grew harder.  No need for hands now as he sustained his erection in my mouth.  Mark was now fucking me so hard that I had to cry out as he again bottomed out on my cervix.  This encouraged Peter to buck and begin fucking my mouth again.

I felt two hands grab my hips and pull them towards Mark as he fucked me like a dog, knees bent power ramming me.  My juices were no longer contained within me and began to descend down my inner thighs.  Sex filled the air with that heady unmistakeable scent, adding to the moment.  This orgy was bending my mind, I had never been a part of anything like this before.  It felt like I had indulged in an illegal substance, my head was reeling with the pleasure of it all.

Peter pulled from under me and raised up to his knees.  His cock bobbing in front of my eyes.  Mark was now taking erratic short strokes in to me as he rubbed his frenulum on my opening.  He had to be close.  With a couple more short thrusts he shouted “fuck!” and pulled his cock out from between my swollen lips.  I felt small spatters of liquid on my lower back and buttocks as he came over me.

Mark collapsed against the table next to me.  His face was flushed and moistened by his exertion.  His cock was now semi hard, hanging down, fully sated.  I looked down between my legs to the floor noticing a drop of Marks cum had landed on the carpet.  Peter moved to the edge of the table and climbed to the floor.  “Do you want more Suze?”, he whispered in my right ear as he made his way behind me.  I looked over my right shoulder and gave him one of my best “come on” smiles.  He spun me round by my hips and pushed me back towards the table.

Mark was now recovering on the chair to the side of me.  Panting hot and sweaty with his eyes closed.  Peter cupped my buttocks and lifted me on to the table behind me.  He parted my legs and hooked an arm under the back of each knee.  This tilted my pelvis towards his waiting cock.

He moved in closer.  I reached my right hand between my legs, taking hold of his hard prick and guiding it in to my waiting pussy.  My cunt was still oozing with my own cum and I scraped some of it up with my fingers and ran them over Peter’s throbbing helmet.  I guided him inside me as Peter pulled my knees under his armpits.  He began to take long strokes in and out of my sopping hole.  Each movement soliciting a slapping splashing sound as my cunt juice lubricated us both.

The table was hard against my back, I placed my hands under my lower spine to ease the rubbing as my shirt and skirt were above my waist.  Peter fucked like a teenager, for his age he had incredible stamina.  Thrusting, pounding, filling my dripping pussy with his erect tissue.  I came almost silently this time, all resistance drained from me, as I succumbed to the trembling of my orgasm.  He kept on fucking as I slid on the tabletop in rhythm with his groin.

“Oh Suze!”, he exclaimed pushing me fully on to the table top and lowering my legs.  He withdrew from me and began to stroke himself.  His cock was purple and the head was visibly under tension from the increased blood flow.  He moved closer to me, stroking rhythmically.  I rose up onto my elbows and watched with anticipation as he approached.

The first spurt fell upon my exposed left breast, swiftly followed by my right, then my neck.  This man could come for England, he just kept firing off over me.  My body was being spattered with the thick semi translucent fluid.

Beep, beep, beep…came the noise.  What the hell was it?  I opened my eyes and was met by the sun streaming in through the gap in the curtains.  It was daylight.  “Alex turn off the alarm”.  I called.

Now you see where being told you are invited to attend an interview next week gets you.  🙂