Screaming Orgasms And Howling Winds

By | March 1, 2008

AlexSuze.comFollowing last weeks earthquake which measured 5.2 on the Richter scale we had winds of up to 65 mph last night sweeping the UK. The television lost reception so we retired to bed early. 😉

The house was under a tremendous onslaught by the wind and the roof seemed to shake every now and then as a blast hit it. I was laying in bed worrying about loosing the roof or the chimneystack, which we know is a little flaky.

We needed to do something to help us take our minds of the possibility of loosing some slates or at worse ending up like a chap earlier in the week, with the chimney collapsing in to his bedroom.

No television means only one thing…time to play some porn on the DVD. The only disc to hand was Lex Does Blondes which has been hanging around a couple of weeks now. I inserted it in to the player and Lex worked his hard cocked magic on a petite blonde, not sure of her name but she will remember him as he stretched her pussy to it’s limits. 😉

After a hard week at work we both felt tired and just lay back watching the action whilst mutually playing with each others’ sex. Alex was already sporting a stiffy and I was wet and ready to go. He placed his left hand between my legs, pushed them apart and started to massage my clit.

I took hold of his cock and with a firm grip began to push back the foreskin, over his head and back. He was slightly dry so I wet my fingers and pushed my hand back under the covers coating his cockhead with my saliva. He loves that and started to buck against my hand as my fingers ran over his frenulum.

Alex was now rolling my clit and I crossed my ankles, bracing myself for my first orgasm of the day. I arched my back and dug my shoulders and buttocks in to the bed as my moisture coated his fingers and the tingles of orgasmic rictus took over my body.

As the orgasm subsided Alex parted my legs and moved between them. With a confident thrust he was inside me and my legs were up under his armpits. I was now totally under his control as he pulled me on to his erect cock.

I’m a moaner, I just can’t keep it in but we live in a detached house and it isn’t prudent to be screaming out in audible ecstasy every time I cum. So most of the time I have to suppress the sound by turning my head in to the pillow.

But last night there was so much background noise from the wind and it’s reaction on the house that I just let rip! 😉 As he plunged in and out of me, with a strength and gusto he conjured up from the depths of his soul I moaned like a whore. And for the first time in ages I felt I could just let it rip and express myself.

His cock seemed particularly hard and was hitting the right spot. My g-spot was being massaged to orgasm and the sensation at first was making me want to pee. As it always does if he is doing it right.

It was cathartic, therapeutic and extremely arousing to be able to vocalise my emotions as he fucked me over and over and I released orgasm after quaking orgasm. My thighs were wet through and the aroma of sex filled the bedroom.

Alex was now ramming in to me like a steam train, oblivious to his surroundings and me as his eyes rolled in his characteristic pre-cum state. One more thrust and he growled like a tiger as he filled me with his seed. I had to gesture to him to loosen his grip on my legs as his fingers dug in to my flesh.

He thrust for a final time, emptying his balls completely in to me and then rolled back on to the bed, spent and satisfied.

Strange how extreme weather can bring about animal passion in the bedroom…