Dirty Talk And A Good Fucking

By | March 2, 2008

Alex and I quite frequently use porn as a jumping off point to sex. Lol When we have had a hard day at the office and we just want to lay back and watch someone else do the work it’s good to be the voyeur.

My favourite scenes are usually the ones involving MFM action. I have said this before but it’s my all time fantasy to be taken from both ends by two men. It just occurred to me as I write this that I would also love the idea of being taken by two females equally as much. 😉

Last night was different I had some audio erotica to review for my up and coming feature over at A-Rouse. They have submitted two erotic stories for me to listen to. So, last night when we were writing away at our screens I decided to load up one of the stories and take a quick listen.

This sound blast turned in to a full half hours story and by the time it had finished I was more than ready to get naughty. As the final words were sinking in to my overly aroused brain I turned to give Alex the look he knows so well. “The I want you” stare.

“They worked then”, he said with a wry smile playing upon his lips and he followed me in to the bedroom.

After a long deep kiss we got straight down to it. I opened my legs and he entered me taking my legs over his arms. After a few deep and hard strokes he said “Get on to your knees”.

I complied and assumed the doggy position. He entered me once again and as he pushed his way inside me my g-spot started to pulse. Within minutes of him beating against my buttocks I was reaching my first orgasm.

He continued to pound in to me and I could feel another orgasm grip me. Still he kept thrusting. I became aware that my thighs were wet through as I adjusted my position and moved my knees back together again.

I felt dampness beneath my right kneecap. I had wet the bedsheet with my own juices, I was soaked. “I’ve wet the bed again”, I panted to Alex. That must have tipped him over the edge, he took his last swing in to me and juddered as he shot his load inside me. Moments later he collapsed over my back in post orgasmic pleasure.

So guys next time you want a really good fuck, talk dirty to your girl first it worked for me. 😉