Ooops We Broke The Bed

By | March 2, 2008

AlexSuze, SuzeWell, last week we had an earthquake and then over the weekend we have had howling 65mph winds. And earlier this evening the crack of our bed breaking. Lol

We opted for a wooden bed with a latted base because it is easy to disassemble if we moved house and it is made of solid timber so we thought it would be strong too. And in fairness it has lasted us for almost 10 years, excluding the mattress of course.

However, earlier this evening we were fucking and Alex got the animal in him and was banging me in to next week when…crack! One of the latts under the mattress broke, I suppose it was helped along by the combined weight of both of us on our knees in fucking like bunnies on heat. 😉

It was clearly audible and momentarily stopped both of us in our tracks or should I say thrust. But not for very long, you can’t stop when you are all fired up and Alex was beyond the point of no return. 😉 He was grunting and thrusting and grabbing me so hard that I must be covered in little bruises. I’ll have to check when I have finished writing this post.

At one point he was going in and out of me with such vigour that he missed and nearly ended up inside my ass. With a quick “Ouch!”, I alerted him to the fact that I wasn’t lubed for that kind of action and he repositioned himself and slammed back in to me once more.

I love it when he becomes wild, powerful and domineering it makes me want to submit and let him do as he will. With each thrust I met him with a buck, forcing him deeper and deeper inside my cunt. He bottomed out on my cervix and I came with such a surge of emotion that I quivered and moaned loudly. No wind noise to cover my exhilaration but I didn’t care.

Alex fucked me harder and faster and once again came out as he started to come and droplets of ejaculate hit the sheet below me. He pushed inside once again to drain the last of his balls in to me.

We both rolled on to our sides, his cock still hard and inside my pussy as we lay there spooning.

Moments later reality hit and we both climbed off the bed to check the damage.

All I can say is it’s a good job we had some spare timber in the garage to fix it. Can anyone recommend a good solid bed for people who like to fuck regularly? Ours may be past its sell by date it now squeaks and moves, we have shaken the very life out of it. 😉