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By | August 24, 2010

Kirstie AllsopI love property programs it doesn’t matter if they are based around renovation or the acquisition of a second home here or abroad.  The appeal for me is seeing potential in a rundown property which nobody else has the insight to want to purchase.

I’m also, like most women, fundamentally nosey and love to look around other peoples homes.  It’s a bit like window shopping, unless you browse you don’t know what is out there.  Or something like that.  Lol

It’s probably a subject close to home too.  Alex and I invested in this property as a do’er upper, it was dirty part modernised and we both saw the potential when others didn’t.  If they could only see her now in all her glory, after years of hard work renovating and fixing she is a diamond and I will never fall out of love with her.

But there may be another reason I watch which didn’t occur to me until I posed myself this question “which property babe is my favourite?”.  Then I saw the light, most of these shows are fronted by a rather delicious female host.

I’m now struggling with so many names…Sarah Beeny, Amanda Lamb and then there’s Jasmine Harman…

I now think I know why these programs are so popular.  😉