Fucking All The Girlfriends

By | August 25, 2010

Terence StampNow forgive me if I’m a little vague on the origins of this story, it may have been Michael Caine, may have been someone else who I heard telling it. Either way It’s one of those stories that true or not you just want to believe.

Anyway here goes:

During the 1960s Caine and Terence Stamp shared a flat in London. One day the guys, turned out in nice suits and just becoming well-to-do (Caine in particular after Alfie and The Ipcres file) start getting abuse from a group of six lads (out with their respective girlfriends) as they walk down the street. The general gist is that they are both too well turned out lads together and must be gay. Although rather pissed off by the whole affair they avoid a fight in which they would both come off worse and walk on by.

Considering that at the time saying someone was gay could still land them in prison, not a nice thing to do.

A day or so later Stamp disappears for a week or so. When he reappears Caine asks where he’s been and Stamp replies simply “You know those guys who called us gay? … I’ve slept with all their girlfriends.”

General Zod knows how to get revenge mwahahaha!

While not condoning casual sex that has to be one of the best stories ever. And like I said it doesn’t even have to be true to be amusing.