Fuck Me Boots And Kinky Wigs

By | August 27, 2010

Here’s a post that you probably never thought you’d read. LOL

I was recently lent a copy of an old Doctor Who adventure “Inferno”. It stars John Pertwee as the Doctor (Father of Sean) and is from a time before I watched Doctor Who on TV. I was therefore very interested to see the Doctor’s companion Liz. Sadly despite being a very nice lady Liz Shaw, played by Caroline John, is not an Uber-Babe. However she does have one very laudable and almost unique trait amongst the early Doctor Who companions – that of being able to do something other than scream. She is intelligent in her own right and is an accomplished scientist.

The thing about the “Inferno” serial is this. The Doctor travels to a parallel universe, stay with me on this the sex comes soon, where Liz isn’t a scientist but a leather booted severe military type who forms part of the parallel universe’s Fascist-styled armed forces. Even the Brigadier looks like he would be at home in General Franco’s Spain.

Here’s the kinky bit. I prefer the Liz in Kinky boots.

This may be for a number of reasons, she’s got black hair in the alternative kinkyverse, she’s got a shorter skirt and she has real authority. In the real universe she’s intelligent (always a plus for me) and her own woman, but she’s also subservient to men by dint of the time during which the story is set, i.e. 1970s.

I have no wish to be dominated, not my thing, but put Suze in Liz’s uniform and I’d have jumped on her like a shot.

I even get naughty thoughts thinking about Doctor Who … whatever next.