Wet Panties All Round

By | March 4, 2008

See if you can guess what kind of day I had at work today…

I arrived this morning to be greeted by Busty who looked hot. She was wearing a navy blue pinstriped trouser suit. With a white low cut (she is such a tease) t-shirt and a pale blue scarf. You are all asking why did she look hot when she seems to be very conservatively dressed.

Well it was what she had on below the suit which intrigued me and she does it so well. 😉 She was wearing her black fishnets again and a pair of crimson red stilettos. I’m not sure what she is trying to convey but I’m reading that she has a professional exterior but she is a devil in the bedroom.

Am I right?

Oh, and I nearly forgot her thin t-shirt didn’t hide those large brownish nipples which teased every time her jacket flapped open. 😉 I’m sounding like a real letch aren’t I? That’s probably because I am. Lol

I was just trying to work alongside her and the distraction she provides every day when in to the office steps the new southern sales guy.

And OMG, he is gorgeous. About 6′ 2″ slim framed, kind of athletic looking with brown eyes, dark hair and large feet! And to top the lot, he has the most wonderful soft southern accent. All I can say is it’s a good job he will be out on the road most of the time.

He sat himself down on the old spare desk to the left of me. I couldn’t believe my luck…Suze was in a sandwich between him and Busty sat to my right. It’s true when I say that I didn’t know which way to turn. *smug smile*

When he left the room to visit the toilet we all turned to each other and smiled. There were wet panties around the office today.

Horny whispered across the office “He is gorgeous and gives me the fanny gallops”.
“The what?”, I enquired with a giggle.
“You know…he gets me going”, she replied.
“Where does that expression come from?”, I continued eager to know.
“Well, it’s what happens when you get turned on. Your fanny tingles, you know what I mean”, she added.
At this point Busty responded “Yes, I know what you mean”.

I pointed out that I had never heard it called that before. Horny said “I’m not sure if anyone else uses it actually. It’s something I came out with one night when I was out with the girls”.

No wonder I had never heard it before, she just bloody made it up. Lol

I bet you can all work out exactly how I spent most of my day…it was good for me I’m not sure about them. 😉