More Ways To Eat Cum

By | August 28, 2010

Sperm based RecipesI’ve never put it to the acid test but it is claimed that what you eat is reflected in how your sperm tastes. Obviously it is good for you to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and cigarettes, in fact anything that pollutes the body. But this is the real world.

It is claimed that cum is composed of 90% seminal fluid which carries the 1% sperm content along with trace elements like fructose which is a sugar protein, nutrients and minerals. Allegedly the PH value of sperm is 7 which is neutral.

You can change the sweetness of your sperm by eating more fruit such as cranberries, melons (don’t ! lol) apples, pineapple, any fruit which is high in sugar. Vegetables can help too but it is recommended that you steer clear of any from the cabbage family. I’m thinking that is an obvious one for other reasons. 🙂 Oh and don’t go near asparagus because it makes your pee bright yellow and sulphurous so who know what it does to your sperm. Lol

Recommended foods are cinnamon, cardamom (good if you like curry 😉 ) peppermint and lemon.

Why not experiment at home and let me know your findings, I’m sure it would make for interesting reading.

And whey you have perfected the taste why not try incorporating it in one of the delicious recipes in this cook book I just found.

Just one thing, don’t tell your mum what went in to the carrot cake. Lol