Much More Than A Boob Job

By | March 5, 2008

Jocelyne Perisse, Jocelyne WildensteinPaul Raymond wends his way to the great strip club in the sky, and now Alec Wildenstein is off. Not that he has anything to do with porn but he was associated via his ex-wife Jocelyne Wildenstein nee Perisse to possibly the worst plastic surgery in the world. So it’s worth a mention just for effect said surgery had on the poor woman.

Yes she elected to have surgery on herself, repeatedly, but she always claimed it was Alec who’s constant demands for her to out-shine the wives of his friends and associates were impossible to meet. She obviously felt, rightly or wrongly that cosmetic surgery was the answer. The wrong answer I’d have to venture, considering that the she started out looking pretty reasonable.

To see how she ended up see this site.

It’s frightening how body image can have such a powerful effect on people. It doesn’t help when your husband hops in to bed with a 19 year old Russian model, though whether they actually had a functioning marriage at that point only they will ever know. In any event most people can’t afford to take such drastic measures to alter their appearance, but with effectively unlimited resources Jocelyne Perissi became known as “The Bride of Wildenstein”.

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