Fishnets And Fellatio

By | August 30, 2010

GirlscoutHow Small Is Your Fetish?

I believe we all have fetishes, even if they are not the driving force and defining element of our sexuality. Each of us has something that turns us on and excites us out of all proportion to its actual significance.

I started thinking about this when I was going over the little fetishes I have in my own mind. Some of them are very specific and relate to the most exact circumstances and sensory stimuli.

There are the obvious ones, stockings, slightly over-done makeup, the skirt suit and the secretary look … they aren’t so much fetishes though they do it for me without fail. But there are certain things about a women in a skirt suit that I think are a bit fetishy … crossing and un-crossing legs, adjusting the hem of an on-the-knee skirt. I suppose it’s the sort of very human things but within a professional and controlled environment that highlight the humanity and therefore sexuality of the person doing them.

It’s the same with the really cliché action of touching a woman a pen on their lips. To me it’s not the phallic symbolism (and thank goodness my dick isn’t that thin) it’s the unconscious nature of the action and maybe the sensual appeal of lips slightly parted that imply a kiss rather than a blow job. Much more subtle and certainly more personal.

Anyone else have any very specific fetishes like that. It could be a specific tattoo, on a specific person, as opposed to just being into tattoos, or maybe sex in a certain place at a certain time … it would be interesting to hear.