Cartoon Porn

By | March 5, 2008

I have a question. Is cartoon porn more attractive to its fans because it represents a corruption of what is usually an innocent art-form (at least when depicting characters like The Little Mermaid etc). Or is it because it there’s an uncomplicated sexuality involved. The characters are not real and can therefore be the object of someone’s lust without generating any guilt that the person you’re lusting after is being exploited?

I think of some weird things while having my lunch, don’t I.

At one time I regarded cartoon porn as a novelty, something that popped up in emails circulated around the office when we first acquired email. They were naughty, often crude and unsophisticated. Now there are websites for all variations of erotic artwork from the pornographic representations of the Jetsons to thousands of web pages devoted to adult Manga.

I’m guessing that the consumers of these images are predominantly males. Women don’t seem to respond in the same way to such visual stimulus.

Anyway, like I said I do think of some weird stuff when eating my sandwiches.