Secretive Dirty Bitch

By | March 5, 2008

SuzeI watched the BBC news this morning whilst preparing myself for a day at work. One of the items was about the Petite Anglaise woman, she has written a book about her exploits. For those of you who haven’t heard the story, she has a blog about her life and it was discovered by her Parisian employers.

Her boss had apparently found posts on her blog which he believed brought his company in to disrepute. To cut a long story short, she took sued them and won for wrongful dismissal. This made the headlines in 2006.

I had only been in work for about 30 minutes when Horny said “Did you see that woman who wrote that blog thing this morning on the news?”

“Yes, I did catch that story”, I replied.

“I can’t understand anyone wanting to write about their personal life on the internet”, she responded.

“It does seem a little strange”, I added, squirming slightly.

“I mean, you wouldn’t let a stranger read your diary would you? So why would you write about your personal life for everyone to read?”, she went on.

“I suppose some people like the attention it brings”, added Busty much to my relief I was beginning to wonder if the light would be shone in my eyes as my interrogation continued.

No seriously I did begin to get a little bit freaked by the whole conversation. I don’t know what I would do if my boss read my blog. Admittedly he would probably be very surprised and unbelieving at first, I come across as such a shy and quiet girl at work. Lol

I sometimes feel like I am keeping a huge naughty secret from my work colleagues, I would love to share but it wouldn’t be very prudent. If we have a girly night out I will have to be careful not to let anything slip. Can you imagine…

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