Let It All Out!

By | March 6, 2008

AlexSuze wrote yesterday about her fears of interrogation due to the current buzz surrounding the blogger behind Petite Anglaise.

I’m coming to the conclusion that if it weren’t to spare Suze’s blushes I would have already shouted out that we do write a sex blog, and we review sex toys, and we run a sex blog directory, and we run an adult web news site.

I think I feel like that when I encounter people with closed minds in my daily life. I don’t mean people who have never experienced life in the way I have (and don’t take that to mean that I regard myself as a man of the world who can’t be taught anything, far from it). What I mean is people whose idea of sexuality is the one that suits them. People who will not consider alternative sexualities, or even worse deny their own because of peer pressure or to further themselves socially or professionally.

I don’t mean that, for example, everyone who is gay should come out to a hostile family member, colleague, friend though. I’m just fed up with people in social situations following the group line, as in “Oh he got fruity with me on Sunday morning, but wasn’t having any of it.” (overheard from a member of staff at a client who constantly shows off about rationing her partner when it comes to sex. Yes she did use the word “fruity”).

I find that sort of denial almost as bad as lazy homophobia, boorish joshing amongst some people about non-hetero individuals and relationships for a cheap laugh.

I’m not trying to be really politically correct here or curry favour with one group or another. I just don’t like it when people follow the crowd, like something because their friends do, or because it has the “right name” on it. Yes friends should have things in common, but it’s the differences between us that makes life interesting.

And yes, Suze does blush, occasionally.