September Sex Story – Part 2, Finger Fuck

By | September 2, 2010

BumAfter she gave me my morning blowjob we went to the beach. The smell of fish and chips and slightly suspect doughnuts rolled across the sand while we lay gently roasting. She said, without opening her eyes “I fancy an ice cream.”

“There’s a queue a mile long.” I said squinting down the prom. “I’ll go to that place just off the front.” I figured it would be quieter and at least as quick even with the extra walking distance.

When I entered the shop I spotted that behind the counter, along with two other women, was a busty blonde who we’d met the night before in one of the sea front bars. She acknowledged me and leant over to one of her colleagues, then gestured over to the side door.

I followed out into the alley and then into the walled yard at the back of the shop.

“I was due for a break.” She explained. “Off out again tonight?”

“Probably.” I replied. We got chatting and my eyes kept drifting to her hefty bosom.

“You kept doing that last night.” She giggled.

“Ah, sorry!”

“Sorry? Do you like them. ” She jiggled throwing the fleshy mounds into a quaking dance under her white coat. “Bet you’d like to know what they feel like.”


She unfastened her white coat to reveal that she was only wearing a bra underneath. She reached behind and unclipped the clasp. Two DD breasts tumbled forward, nipples already pert.

“Go on, have a lick.” She said, lifting one of her breasts with a hand and offering it to me.

I took the nipple in my mouth and sucked it slightly, then nibbled it, finally swirling my tongue around it in increasing circles.

“Mmmmh” she moaned.

The short skirt she wore under the coat gave me easy access to her legs. My hand crept up her inner thigh soliciting “What do you think you’re …” she stopped short as my hand reached the top of her thigh and my fingers began to push aside the gusset of her knickers.

Her underwear was wet, her snatch wetter still, the fragrance from its river of juices pervading the air.

She was leaning against the wall now, massaging the breast that I was neglecting while I started first to move my fingers in and out of her pussy, then faster and harder. I assumed she must be close to orgasm so curled my fingers into her and found the soft pad of tissue nestling behind her pubic bone.

My two fingers hooked, squeezed and massaged. Her pussy started to twitch. “What are you do … Oh Fuck!” She let out a groaning moan. Her snatch tightened on my fingers, her juices flowed as she’d never experienced before, I knew that from her reaction. The sloshing sound between her legs became louder, the smell of her outpourings changed and I knew the dripping sound on the hard stone floor would be the formation of a pool of slightly milky-white ejaculate.

She pulled me into her cleavage, smothering me in the deep valley.

I withdrew my fingers from her still spasming pussy and licked them clean. I watched as she regained her composure.

“I suppose you’ll want a free ice cream for that.” She suggested, buttoning up her coat.

“Two would be nice.” I replied and followed her back into the shop noticing with satisfaction the glistening of her fluids still dribbling down her calves.