September Sex Story – Part 6, The Girls Getting It On

By | September 2, 2010

Lesbian EmbraceThis story follows on from my fictional series about couple on holiday by the sea. The last part is here if you want to catch up.

Did I mention my girlfriend’s name is Lisa? Maybe not. Anyway, Lisa and I decided to go out to one of the resort’s nightclubs. More accurately I suggested it and she agreed which was lucky because Zoe and I had decided that this was where we were to put our deceitful little plan into action.

In the queue outside I spotted Zoe, she recognised Lisa from the photo I had shown her on my phone. Zoe smiled knowingly and winked before turning away. I didn’t see her again until we were inside the club.

It was early in the evening and the club had yet to fill so the place was busy but not heaving. Went to the bar, leaving Lisa in a booth I glanced over my shoulder while I was being served and saw Zoe walking past my seated girlfriend and “accidentally” spilling the contents of her clutch bag. Lisa helped her collect the makeup that had spilled onto the floor.

By the time I returned Zoe had melted away and we were alone together. We didn’t need the drinks to make us feel horny, there is something about the semi-enclosed private feeling that the horseshoe shaped booths in nightclubs give us. Makes us want to do wicked things. We slipped quickly into an embrace, my hands cupping and squeezing Lisa’s breasts through her boldly patterned blue summer dress. I felt the urge to slide my hand between her legs, they parted as Lisa sensed my intent and I slid my hand smoothly up the soft skin of her inner thigh to the humidity of her crotch. As I gently stroked her pussy through the moistening fabric of her knickers I relished the thought that Zoe would be watching and becoming impatient.

Soon after we got up to dance. I finished my beer and the smell of Lisa’s pussy on my fingers merged with the bitterness of the hops. They don’t sell cocktails like that at the bar.

We were about half way through the first song when Zoe appeared. Lisa recognised her as she made her way from the bar across the dance floor. I asked how they knew each other, they explained and I nodded innocently. The girls got chatting while slipping into that sort of half dancing, shuffling mode that is a necessity to have a conversation on the dance floor without banging heads.

I excused myself to go to the loo and when I returned the girls were sitting in the booth chatting like old friends. Not surprising as I’d given Zoe a few pointers to ensure she engaged Lisa.

I bought another couple of rounds, the conversation flowed. Then the girls decided they were going to the ladies. I waited for a couple of minutes and followed, avoiding the public toilets and slipping down the corridor behind the bar that Zoe had described, finding the staff rest room where Zoe had described it from her time as bar staff at the club.

I crept into the room and into the unoccupied stall, eager to see the source of the moans I could hear. I carefully put the lid down and stood on the loo. The last thing I wanted to do was slip and have to explain to an ambulance crew what I was doing in the female staff toilets. I poked my head over into the next stall.

Lisa was against one side wall being kissed by Zoe. They were having a tongue battle of epic proportions. The semi-erect cock in my trousers was becoming too hard to contain and watching the girls’ hands slide over and grope each others bodies was not helping. Zoe pulled up the front of Lisa’s skirt then tugged at her knickers, leaving the scant garments in a roll half way down Lisa’s thighs. Zoe’s hand ploughed straight into the valley between Lisa’s legs. Lisa began to gasp and moan in time with the rhythmic probing of Zoe’s fingers. At first Zoe rubbed her clit, making Lisa weak at the knees, then she slid deeper, obviously curling her fingers inside, dipping into the delicious nectar whose taste I knew so well.

Zoe withdrew her hand and raised it to her lips and proceeded to lick at her glistening fingers. Lisa was staring into Zoe’s eyes imploring her to reach between her legs again. When Zoe did Lisa began to contort and writhed. Finding Lisa’s G Spot Zoe mercilessly probed and massaged. The smell of pussy filled my nostrils. Suddenly there was a sloshing sound and Lisa came, and squirted, her legs running with cum and ejaculate.

“Very nice.” I said.

Lisa looked up “Dirty bastard.” She scolded with laughter in her eyes and the warm glow of orgasm on her face.

“Is it my turn now?” I asked.

“Yes.” Said Lisa, “I want you to fuck her for me, to say thank you for that orgasm.”

To be continued.