Whipped Into Shape

By | September 3, 2010

CropRegular readers will know that we have our nephew round quite regularly at the weekends. He’s  a lot of fun, very well behaved and great to give back because he tires us out. After playing ball on the back garden, helping Suze water the plants and not giving us a moments peace I was relived to get him bathed and ready for bed tonight. However I was in for a bit of a shock.

Ever since he was a baby he’s been fascinated by the Maglite torch I keep at my side of the bed for emergencies. It’s one of their larger models that’s both practical for power cuts and for hitting burglars over the head with. He grabbed it today while I was letting the water out of the bath and started shining it in my eyes. I asked him to put it back and as usual he did as he was told. However while he was putting it away he found something else that had rolled under our bed.

It was our Vibra Whip. If you haven’t seen one you can read our Vibra Whip review here.

Suze saw him with it first and cracked up. She didn’t know what to say when he asked “What’s this?”

I had to take over and work out how to tackle this situation. Having kids around makes you think fast, just not as fast as kids can.

“Is it a fly swatter?”  He asked.

To which I replied “Erm, yes. Yes, that’s right.” Breathing a sigh of relief I tried to get the electric riding crop out of his hands. He kept hold, but as I gently wrestled it from his grasp the bottom of the handle pulled off and the batteries fell out.

“Why does it need batteries?” He asked.

“It’s an electronic fly swatter.” I explained quickly.

“Show me how it works.” He suggested.

“There aren’t any flies.” I retorted.

Luckily at this point he noticed the new DVD we’d bought him and the conversation ended with him asking when we could watch it. This allowed me to put the whip in the study on top of the bookcase.

I found Suze in the guest bedroom, doubled up with laughter …