Weekend Of Sex

By | March 7, 2008

AlexSuze.comThis week has been a particularly bad one at work for a number of reasons. Enjoyable in many ways, but stressful and tiring nonetheless.

Normally on a Friday I’d be looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and sex, but tonight we picked up nephew so that’s 24 hours of keeping an eye on the little blighter instead. Not that we don’t enjoy it, but he’s already got us exhausted so Saturday could be interesting.

That’s one of the advantages of not having kids around the place, freedom to be as debauched as you like. I can only wonder how frustrating it must have been for our parents when they wanted a bit of nookie after a hard week at work, only to find that they couldn’t because they weren’t on their own in the house. Yes you can have quiet sex, you can keep it in the bedroom with a chair behind the door, but it’s not the same is it, without the freedom?

Oh no!. Now I’m thinking about my parents having sex. I don’t care what anyone says, despite me having seen, experienced and talked about a huge range of sexuality and sexual fetishes that is something I will never be able to countenance.

Of course this is the reason we have the little bugger, so his parents get some time off to relax and, well you can fill in the blanks.

Well, back to normal on Saturday evening. We’ll have the house to ourselves … and … until Sunday morning we’ll be too knackered to do anything about it.

So maybe I should have called this post “Half A Weekend Of Sex”?