Fucking Suze In The Kitchen

By | September 6, 2010

Writing the post earlier today about how much I like this time of year reminded me of a time not long after we first met when we went out with some of my friends. We had just moved into a flat together and were still discovering each other’s personalities and bodies. It’s the time in a relationship where even the simplest of things about each other are still to be revealed and the best way to find out is to explore.

We met up at a pub in the town centre with the intention of going on to a nightclub. We were all glad it was the weekend, the drink flowed and the mood relaxed and happy. The conversation was friendly, but not taxing, none of us wanted a deep and meaningful discussion just to let our hair down and enjoy ourselves.

Despite all of this Suze and I found our eyes drawn to each other while we talked to the two other couples who were with us. We’d touch at every available opportunity, even if it were just for a moment. I couldn’t help but look her up an down, her long hair, red lipstick, tight denim dress hugging her gorgeous bottom and stunning legs leading down to a pair of high heels.

I wasn’t the only one, as usual Suze was drawing admiring glances from several of the men in the pub. Though their girlfriends regarded her with less friendly eyes.

After a while we knew, without a word being spoken that we were not going on to the nightclub. We had better things to do. Our friends had noticed too, so when I made some awkward excuses about having to get back they all smiled knowingly and bid us farewell. Looking back I suppose it was very rude of us, but lust was overpowering our manners.

In the taxi on the way back we held hands for a while, but as we drew closer to the flat my hand strayed onto Suze’s leg, pushing her dress up and slid between her lower thighs. I stroked the smooth soft skin until the driver delivered us to our door, while Suze stroked the back of my neck with her hand.

We raced inside, my excitement making me clumsy with the key. I missed scratching the paint on the door. The flat was arranged strangely because it was the converted upper floor of a house, accessed by a long set of stairs. We entered into the kitchen, which led on to an L-shaped corridor. Doors from the corridor led to the bathroom, bedroom and living room at the far end.

We only made it to the kitchen.

I lifted Suze up onto the worktop, she had half-removed her coat, but it was wrapped around her arms trapping them. I pushed my way between her legs. She openened them and pressed her crotch against me while we kissed fervently. I pushed her away from me to allow me to release my stiff cock from the confines of my trousers. With the beast unleashed (LOL) I pulled her red silk knickers to one side and tried to enter her.

The angles and height were just wrong, horny as it would have been to fuck her like that I would have needed a 30cm cock and that I can’t claim. 😛

I pulled Suze from the counter top and turned her around. Her coat fell to the floor. I suppose if it had happened today I would have slipped the belt from its loops in her coat and tied her hands with it. I have this thing about bondage at the moment … but then I only saw a firm denim-clad ass as Suze bent forward, resting her forearms on the counter top.

I lifted her dress and pulled her knickers down to her mid-thigh. Her pussy glistened in the yellow street light streaming in from the kitchen door directly behind us. My lust would not be kept waiting and I pushed my dribbling cock into her.

She moaned and gasped with each slow stroke. I felt her pussy ripple as I probed her deeper and deeper. She braced herself against the tiled wall, knocking the wire fruit basket, an apple fell from it, rolled across the worktop and thudded to the floor.

My groin became wet with her fluids, each thrust causing them to spatter across my upper thighs and soake my pubic hair. Yes I had pubes then. I didn’t stop to look but her pussy juices must have been running down her legs, their aroma filled my nostrils.

I came with a shuddering, knee-trembling orgasm accompanied only by a gasping ululation. Suze on the other hand screeched in a most uncharacteristic way, almost as if she was surprised to feel me filling her with cum. I felt her pussy pulse, and keep pulsing as I slumped across her back and let my cock soften within her.