How Do You Like Your Pussy?

By | March 8, 2008

AlexSuzeI’m really getting in to Ashes to Ashes, it took a while to settle the new character of Alex in but I find that she is just perfect for the role. When her and Gene get together there is a sexual chemistry going on, although I assume they will never get it on.

It would probably spoil the storyline if they did. One of those Scully and Mulder type scenarios.

The series is getting very popular over here and has created a demand for permed hair once more, causing it to come back in to fashion. Apparently hairdressers are seeing the rise in its popularity and off the shelf perms are selling well at Boots the chemist. The power of media!

I remember sporting a perm in the 80’s or as it was known then, “Big Hair”. Lol It hung in ringlets down my back almost to my waistline but was layered on top to achieve that all important height.

Although my hair is straight now I still wear it long. There is nothing like feeling the jumping up and down of a ponytail when I’m fucking Alex cowgirl. It whips against my naked flesh as I bounce up and down.

I also like to feel it laying across my back as I’m fucked from behind. And in moments of intense hard and fast fucking Alex wraps it around his hand and pulls on it just like a reign. 😉 You just can’t achieve those sensual moments with short hair, I know I’ve had a short bob too in the past.

If it wasn’t for Alex I would probably have kept my hair practical and short but men are such suckers for long, luxurious locks. I grew it back especially for him.

Just one question…So, along with the return of Big Hair do we see the reappearance of hairy pussies? Mine was a mass of curly hairs you could run your fingers through back then. Or have we moved on too far to go back to the au natural bushy look?

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