Two Girls Together – Part 2

By | September 6, 2010

Two Girl ClinchContinued from here

Tina and Sky began to talk. To be strictly accurate Sky talked and Tina listened as Sky explained how she had struggled with her sexuality for years. She didn’t put it in those terms, Tina did. Tina had realised years before that she was bisexual, tending towards being almost exclusively gay. Cock was nice but girls were better, altogether a more sensual experience and far more able to give and receive hours of pleasure.

Sky was still confused, worried by her inability to feel fulfilled by men.

“Look.” Said Tina at one point. “You might find out you actually like men but I can understand how you feel. They can be insensitive, selfish and crap in bed. You always feel that they don’t quite understand what you want. Until you decide one way or the other enjoy yourself. Enjoy me if you like.”

“I want to lick your pussy.” Said Sky.

Tina was shocked. Not because she didn’t want to feel Sky’s tongue on her sex but because she never imagined Sky would be so blunt.

“You’re a quick learner.” Said Tina unfastening her skin-tight jeans.

Sky watched Tina unpeel her denim skin. She enjoyed the experience, the first time a girl had undressed in front of her for sex. Her red satin panties clung to her sex a little, visibly wet from Tina’s excitement. She discarded them on the vinyl of the bench. Tina slipped her boots back on and stood up.

Sky looked quizzically at Tina, wondering what she was doing. Tina hopped up onto the pinball machine and spread her legs. The pale skin of her thighs framed a dark bush of pubic hair wet with fragrant fluid. Tina braced herself by placing her hands behind her on the edge of the table and watched Sky descend towards her pussy.

Sky drank in the aroma as she approached Tina’s swollen cunt. Her tongue gently flicked out probing Tina’s moist slit. Tina groaned gently, not from the sensation, Sky was being too gentle for that, tentative, hesitant almost, she groaned from the thrill of knowing that the girl she had masturbated to for more than six months was now tasting her first pussy, and it was Tina’s pussy.

Sky’s tongue became more adventurous, firmer, parting the yielding flesh of Tina’s labia and lapping at the rich river of juices. The long slow lapping turned to an insistent licking and probing of Tina’s clitoral hood. Her little bud was swollen with blood, sensitive, alive. Tina wished Sky would suck it … and she was sucking it, as though she had read Tina’s mind.

Tina’s hands grasped Sky’s head and pressed her face to Tina’s pussy, Sky licked again delving lover and probing the entrance to Tina’s vagina. She tried to fuck Tina’s opening with her tongue. It felt nice but Tina knew it would never bring her to orgasm … they needed a strapon for that …

“My clit, my clit …” Tina instructed.

Sky moved back up to Tina’s receptive button. She licked, nibbled and sucked it. Little flicks with her tongue made Tina shudder, sucking it hard made her groan. Sky’s tongue settled into a firm circular motion that she could sense Tina enjoyed.

Tina’s hips bucked, her wetness grew and finally she let out a shriek, pushing on the back of Sky’s head hard against her pussy.

The pinball table rocked. A Buzzer sounded, TILT.